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  • mplecas7 mplecas7 Oct 31, 2013 7:24 PM Flag

    With 4k moving forward and entering a reasonable price range for large amounts of consumers things get interesting

    Many feel that not only will Dish struggle in obtaining some sort of deal which would allow the deployment of their mobile data network, furthermore it would be an essentially guaranteed impossibility for that network to find itself in a position of having all 4 major Telco's allowing their devices to have the ability to receive those data feeds.
    This is best described using Netflix as an example, as Netflix entered the industry as a disruptive force that shock up the long established and very profitable system in place, thus making enemies of studios and content producers across the board as well as pay tv providers and home video rental/sale companies. After several years of steady growth and zero impact or success from the powers that be to derail the Netflix steamtrain continuing full speed ahead we have reached the point in which like them of not you've gotta work with the fact that consumers love the service and subs will continue to grow, thus placing easy access to one's subscription an issue of high importance which has lead device manufactures to compete in delivering the most advanced and innovative means for consumers to access the service in the simpliest manner possible such as the deployment of remote controls featuring a red Netflix button right on the remote so that one can gain account access simply by pressing that button, similar efforts have been taken on mobile devices despite the impracticality of viewing content from Netflix over anything other than wifi.
    Even pay tv providers are beginning to develop the ability for their subs to access their Netflix accounts through their pay tv set top boxes.
    This illustrates the strength brought out through a services popularity amongst consumers, as massive consumer appeal can create an atmosphere in which one must either join them in the race to deliver to the consumer what they want or risk losing out to a competitor willing to do so. With that said, Blockbuster on demand could just become that

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    • I would like a ticket to this fantasy land you live in. It seems wonderful to just make things up and pretend they prove your point, but thank you for not creating a straw man and at least attempting to refute my actual claims.

      Dish will not be the only one to be able to provide 4K video using h.265. Sprint has already demoed their Sprint Spark, which in a couple years will be capable of 1Gbps speeds and 200Mbps speeds next year, which is more than the current theoretical max of Dish's 40Mhz of spectrum. Att and Verizon both have more than enough spectrum to also build 40Mhz pipes for LTE. Heck, they just had an article about Vz's AWS network getting 80Mbps in some areas. Tmobile has also already come out and say that they will be offering 20x20Mhz in 2015 once they integrate Metro.

      Also Bluray is uncompressed, which is why it is able to offer that amazing quality. Bluray files are usually 10+GB( thats Byte), while Dish's 20x20Mhz network offers speeds of 150Mbps(bits aka 1/8 of a byte). Dish will not be able to offer bluray quality video on an empty sector. Add other customers and those speeds will plummet.

      Do you honestly expect to pump this asinine idea that a VOD store is going to bring carrier to their knees? VOD stores are a dime and dozen and people do not care about VOD. Second, unless you are giving away videos for free, their is nothing to incentives customers to back your store. Tmobile/Sprint customers already get unlimited data, so offering free network use( against net neutrality, but I will let it slide) is not going to mean anything. Att/Vz have not set themselves up to use data caps to pad their profits, so letting Dish have a loophole would #$%$ off their investors and gain them nothing in return.

      I also love how you have dubbed h.265 BB's differentiator when ANYONE can use the technology. Dish does not own the rights to H.265.

      But keep dreaming, maybe they will come true one day.

      • 1 Reply to georgiafan21
      • I'm not saying that Dish will be the only one's to utilize h.265, very soon everyone will be using this standard and those who are keen enough will be utilizing Rovi's entire range of offerings, particularly Divx plus streaming which addresses the buffering issues by adjusting the resolution to the amount of available bandwidth automatically so that it likely will not even be noticed.
        The difference I was referring to was the ability to actually deliver content at these resolution levels and to actually deliver content at the speeds you mentioned above in real life as opposed to controlled testing environments without the variables that exist in real world practice, that of network congestion and volume which is the very issue with today's networks.
        Furthermore the unlimited data offered by Sprint and Tmobile does not match the level of capabilities and quality of that of VZ or At&t, as these services, at least with tmobile as I have firsthand experience with it, that data service is hard pressed to deliver.even a stesdy stream of 720 content much less 1080 or God forbid they attempt to deliver 4k.
        None of the 4 majors are so flush with spectrum and network capacity that they are able to effectively manage an ever increasing amount of streaming video content delivery in high level resolution, especially as this trend continues to increase and mobilr viewing becomes bery common.
        No way that any of the 4 will be able to serve streaming video in the highest quality to the number of customers any of them serve, especially those who provide unlimited data, at least the other two may have the available network capacity to deliver the data due to their far less congested networks which essentially eliminate the streaming of video, especially in HD which consums a full GB of data per hour.
        Finally, yes VOD sites are a dime a dozen l, everyone has or will soon have one of their own and based on the UV platform there is little to distinguish between them.

    • powerful if it can become the only storefront capable of delivering a complete Blu=ray caliber experience including audio and visual quality as well as functions such as smooth ff and rewind, chapter points and special bonus footage. Doing all of this in a flawless manner, uninterrupted by constant buffering and delays as well as being able to download content to one's sd card in the most advanced compression level ever in h.265 which cuts the previous best in half and basically can take a full 2GB file and compress it to about 200-250mb, thus allowing for large amounts of storage as well as limiting the congesting impact on networks,.
      Finally we come to a brand new differenciating capability thanks to the unveiling and rapidly becoming affordable for the average family deployment of 4K technology for the viewing of such content in the home for the first time ever as up until now this level of image quality could only be seen by going to the movie theatre as this is the resolution level used for digital films being debuted in the most modern theatres. This is huge since a major issue with this resolution is finding a method to deliver such a powerful and bandwidth intensive format. Physical discs could be a possibility based on some new technologies, but much more convienent and much more desirable from all parties would be to develop the means to deliver this content digitally through digital storefronts linked to UV. Well thanks to brand new compression technology and a host of Rovi powered tools for the effeciant functioning of OTT video delivery this method of delivering 4k content to consumers may actually be the most practical not to mention the most benefical to consumers just as digital format is in all ways.
      So, a company, the only company and only VOD storefront capable of delivering consumers with 4k content as well as 3-D and various top quality surround sound experiences without using a single mb of the consumers data plan,

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      • This company would immediately catapult to the top of the industry especially if it represents the comeback story of possibly the century which will be cheered by consumers around the globe as we all love real life Rocky stories, especially one's so well set up with the stage perfectly primed thanks to massive bashing and press degrading articles and writeoffs as a complete failure of a company and example of the result of failure to adapt which brought the one time leader to the level of complete humiliation which they shall never return and be forever remembered as an utter failure.
        That said, any carrier who does not make BB on demand and the only source for 4k quality content on demand as well as the only service able to operate at the highest level of execution without any concern for network congestion as they will have ample capabilities to serve the amount of subs on their plan with plenty of room to increase sub counts. The co. who fails to allow access will carry a powerful mark in the column for cons and likely be eliminated as a potential choice as customers desire the ability to view content and content from teir pay tv plan through mobile devices in a manner that actually is practical, something not yet achieved, so once it is it will be huge especially related to 4k access which puts providers at the mercy of said service and providing what their customers are demanding, again just in the way we have seen and that has developed with Netflix, a one time content producer and pay tv provider enemy that has become the most widely integrated internet service offering across the board even as it remains and operates in the face of continued industry wide distain for what their service provides, but the customer is always right and if one cannot duplicate the offering and experience provided by the service than one must join in providing what their customers want.

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