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  • mumpower mumpower Dec 16, 1997 9:02 AM Flag

    Profits going down the drain

    Why is this stock dropping?

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    • The cable industy has been getting a lot of press about there
      "new" digital services. The press never mentions that is
      costs a minimum of 15.00$ more + 8$/TV and there is only 240
      lines of resolution instead of 400 on a dish channel.

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      • to know where your getting your figures from? I have never had
        a complaint from any of my customers about resolution or prices
        of programming. I live in New Orleans and eighty percent of my
        customers are changing from cable to dish. And there all happy
        campers. They have a dish and you should to! You must be a cable
        salesman possibly. I recently bought stock in dish @ 18.00 and
        its now 16.50 I think. Do you realize they have a million subs
        @ an average of 34.00 per month. Thats 34 million dollars monthly
        income. Just wait till they get to two million. The name of the
        game is recurring revenue my friend!

      • I think DishNetwork will have a year-end rally.
        Today they announced that they've hit the million
        subscriber mark! This is the only 'pure play' in
        the direct broadcast industry. An English dbs
        company has a market cap of over 12 Billion dollars.
        This is over 20 times the value of DishNetwork.
        The U.K. is approx. one fifth as populous as the U.S.

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