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  • sjdssc sjdssc Feb 5, 1998 1:27 PM Flag

    DBS market share

    As of Jan 31,1998:

    DBS marketshare:

    DirecTV: 51.86%
    Primestar: 30.93%
    Echostar: 17.21%

    However, DISH is increasing market share rapidly. Primestar is losing rapidly, and DirecTV losing slightly. Extending the current "market share trendline" shows DISH taking over the number two spot around August of 1998. These trends have been in place for about 1.5 years, so I think its reasonable to assume they will stay in place.

    Data source:

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    • This might help:

      Jan 97 Jan 98
      DirecTV: 53.18% 51.86%
      Primestar: 37.92% 30.93%
      Echostar: 8.09% 17.21%
      Alpha: .81% -

      Plot these percentages on a month to month basis, and the trend is obvious.

      This is one of the reasons I own this stock. Market share is VERY important. Generally, over 20% is good. Echostar is headed there quickly. If you don't have a significant piece of the pie, you'll end up like the Macintosh or BetaMax. The better product does not always win. I learned this one the hard way.

    • The source you quote shows Direct out sellin Echo 3 to 1 in the most recent survey,ending 1/31/98. How does that (increase) market share for Echo & (decrease) share for Direct?

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