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  • _Scrappy_Doo_ _Scrappy_Doo_ May 6, 1998 7:06 PM Flag

    Local channels 2

    Why is everyone getting excited about
    channels. To get local channels you need

    You have to turn your house into ice station
    AND pay an extra 5 bucks per month.

    For this
    you will get the same old washed up stations
    you have become use to over the years. And
    will get only 4 of these stations leaving the
    half dozen in the dust.


    • <<Why is everyone getting excited about
      local channels. To get local channels you need TWO

      Yes and NO. By using the fourth satellite and moving
      another, DISH will be able to transmit their regular
      channels plus "spot-beamed" local signals to ONE dish in
      *some* but not all markets. Few people appreciate (and
      fewer understand) the incredible technology DISH is

    • Scrappy,

      I agree that it isn't worth a 2nd
      dish and an additional $5/month to get locals through
      my dish. However, I believe DISH is on the right
      track by offering this service. There are millions of
      customers that are scared off from buying DBS systems when
      they hear from the salesperson that they can't get the
      locals. Those customers who are now walking away are the
      one's that DISH is targeting with the locals.

      suspect the cost of offereing the locals will be greater
      than the revenue DISH receives ($5/month) but I
      believe the speciality stations will reap hugh margins to
      more than make up for it. My neighbor has a DISH
      system and can't wait to get a Korean channel for his
      native wife. He would happily pay $20/month for that one
      channel. I believe DISH is using the local channels to
      hook the fringe customers and will then use the 2nd
      dish on the roof to sell very high margin services
      like foreign stations and internet access.

      going to switch from Direct TV to DISH within the
      coming week. Its lower monthy price and one stop
      shopping (one bill vs two) is attractive to me. I paid
      through the nose for my Sony system and never felt like I
      was appreciated by Direct TV.

      Being a stock
      owner of DISH I would rather be their customer than
      Direct TV's.


    • With the launch just a few days away, I wanted to
      comment on the stock prices. Please hold onto the stock
      even when it goes up a little bit. This is driving me
      crazy all the short-selling going on these days. This
      stock will hit 30 or 35 when dish reports within the
      next week or two. Be patient.

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