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  • YourWorthless YourWorthless Jun 5, 1998 7:49 PM Flag

    DirecTV Rules

    On July 1, 1998, DIRECTV will become the first
    national broadcaster to deliver programming with 5.1
    channel Dolby Digital surround sound. The introduction of
    Dolby Digital surround sound on DIRECTV coincides with
    Thomson's rollout of the new RCA-brand DS5451RB DSS system
    featuring a Dolby Digital enabled receiver. To experience
    Dolby Digital 5.1 channel surround sound, DIRECTV
    subscribers must own the new RCA-brand DSS receiver and a
    Dolby Digital decoder/amplifier with a six speaker home
    theater system. Initially, DIRECTV will offer selected
    DIRECT TICKET pay-per-view movies with Dolby Digital
    sound. All Dolby Digital movies on DIRECTV will also
    include the existing stereo track that can be used to be
    produce surround sound using Dolby ProLogic receivers.

    Better price, more channels, better equipment
    manufactures - What more can I say. Do your own

    And yes, I do own DISH stock.

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    • What kind of price tag does all this have?

      • 1 Reply to scan175
      • 2-way satellite requires a transciever. Current
        Dbs receivers are receive only because it is much
        more expensive to include a transmit circuit at the
        required power to hit the Satellite 10 miles from the
        earth's surface. Your cell phone is a transceiver, but it
        is talking to a repeater(transmitter/antenna
        assembly) that greatly amplifies the signal. Also, the
        frequency used for cell phones is much more conducive to
        2way. The long and the short is, yes it can be done,
        but it is cheaper to attain similar bandwidth 2way
        comm via cable.

        On the other hand, current dbs
        internet units use tel. line to send data, and since you
        normaly receive much more data than you send, it is much
        faster than tel. modem. That's as much as I know...If
        Gates is interested in satellite, it is probably to
        keep himself covered if the dbs market really takes

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