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  • patcom2 patcom2 Jun 13, 1998 1:10 PM Flag

    From a former shareholder and and now a

    As a former shareholder of DISH,I feel I have the
    right to post to this board.As a former DISH subscriber
    Ifeel I feel Ihave the obligation to relate my
    experience to DISH shareholders.I spend summers at a camp
    overlooking a small lake.Two weeks before
    Memorial day I
    started calling 1-800-333-DISH as instructed by the dish
    invoice.After at least six unsuccessful attempts to make phone
    contact with a live person,I gave up.Some of thesecalls
    had me waiting for up to twenty minutes with nothing
    to do but listen to their inane advertisements of
    how good they are and what a value they offer their
    customers.I say BS,if they had any concern about their
    customers,there would be enough people on hand to take care of
    normal everyday customer business.
    Anyway after
    being unable to contact DISH after repeated attempts I
    wrote a note (on a sticky pad so they couldn't sat they
    didn't see it)and attached it to my check requesting
    termination of service as of Memorial day and reinstatement
    as of Labor day To my surprise,on June 12 th I
    received a bill that was about seven dollars higher than
    the previous one.I spent an hour in futile attempts
    to contact this company in the afternoon and gave
    up.I went out and did my DD to numerous BUD cans that
    night. When I returned home I saw the DISH bill and
    remembered that I had in the past been able to get to a real
    person late at night.After at least a twenty minute wait
    I finally got a live person who listened to my
    problem and said he could let me talk to a supervisor
    since he couldn't help me.I explained the problem to
    the supervisor(after waiting ten minutes for him to
    get to the phone)and was told the note with my
    payment did not matter because the payments went to
    another company and I had to contact DISH
    directly(whether they answered the phone or not,I guess)So I told
    him I was not going to pay the bill.He answers that
    it will be sent to collection.I said fine,I will see
    you in court.The JO is looking at my account on his
    monitor and should be able to see the bill is for the
    period of June 17 1998 to July 16 1998.I'm done with

    Account number 8255 90 939 0411103 amount

    Sorry this was so long but I didn't know how to say it

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    • Im not surprised by the fellows problem, however,
      I would be more surprised if no customer problems
      materialized. I activated my service in early April and have
      had a couple of changes. Everything went well but
      there was a wait of several minutes on the phone (the
      waisting of such of significant blocks of time off my life
      will surely not be remembered in a year, especially if
      I hang on to that healthy chunk of shares in DISH).
      Yes growth companies are made up of people too and
      the true growth companies should have a few growing

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      • As Charlie said in the May Charlie Chat, Dish's
        Customer support was awful. The major problem was the
        moving of the Superstations from the Top 50 to the
        superstation package. They did this in
        April, but
        everybody got it for free then. When May 1 rolled around,
        everybody who did not have the superstation package lost
        those stations. I talked with one Customer Service
        person who said that most of the non-technical calls
        were about the superstations.
        As to the person in
        PA who attached a sticky note to the bill, it says
        right on the bill, "Please do not send correspondence
        to this address" as it does on every other bill I
        My dealings with dish network people have
        been extremely good. Every one of them has been
        helpful and friendly. It is like they give them something
        when they come in to work to make them happy.
        you think dish network customer service is bad, try
        Starsight (over 1 hour to get to the activation person),
        AT&T Wireless (1/2 hour to PURCHASE a phone), and MCI
        (20 Minutes to get a invalid account fixed).
        least dish network tells you that it will take too long
        to get a person, and tells you to call back
        I like dish, and will continue to be a customer.

    • The previous post makes me more bullish than
      Echostar IV being 2/3 operational! I had quite the
      experience with AOL last fall, and their stock has doubled
      since then!

      I suspect the customer service is
      slipping due to strong customer growth. I know Echostar
      has plans to aggressively add more telemarketers and
      customer support facilities.

      I expect Echostar to
      be close to break-even when they report this
      quarters earnings. They were ($21M) last quarter, and
      should add about $19.2M revenue this quarter due to new
      subscribers. Not sure how their new "Best Dish Deal Ever"
      impacts user acquisition costs, which had been steadily
      dropping. Next quarter, it will be hard for Charlie to keep
      out of the black!

      Anybody have an opinion,
      which is the better buy: the Sep 30 call at 1 7/16 - 1
      11/16 (QHSIF) or the Sep 25 call at 3 - 3 3/8 (QHSIE)?
      Most analysts have a price target in the high 30's
      (but when?).

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      • The person from Pa sounds mad but does not state
        his problem. Did it start as a billing problem or
        turn into a billing problem.. Did he need an immediate
        response or just demand an immediate response? I have had
        some lenghty waits also but I am not going to give up
        my DISH! If he was having a tech problem , so were
        another 100,000 customers and there is no company on this
        earth that would be able to handle that many calls!
        That sound about the time that the whole sytem went
        blank and it was not storming, my guess is they were
        switching to some new upgrades and cosequently there
        normally is some down time during this process. And it is
        apparent he has web service, so why did he not Email them
        from the web site?

    • Sorry to hear of your problems. Having worked for
      a large company recieving payments, it is not a
      good idea to send anything in with your payment.
      People are too busy getting payments processed.

      Sending a letter in separate envelope would have gotten
      attention. Unfortunately, so many unscrupulous people trying
      to get out of paying bills makes customer service
      reps hesitant to meet customer needs. Not saying this
      is the case with you, just trying to let you know
      what ways work best.

      Think I read somewhere
      that DISH has a new customer service facility and is
      working to improve in this area.

      Good luck.

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