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  • javacat97 javacat97 Nov 19, 1998 6:00 PM Flag

    FCC Says Satellite TV Firms Must Have Ed

    The cable/broadcast lobby has bought the FCC lock
    stock and barrel. 1 out of every 25 video channels
    given away for free!!! My question is where are these
    channels going to come from? I'll tell you where, they
    will come out of the channels I already pay for!!

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    • I have to agree.... To let the cable companies
      run wild and then hand cuff the "little" satellite
      companies is absolutel insane!
      The cable companies can
      treat their customers terribly and charge for services
      which are too much....but when Dish and Direct want to
      compete at an even level, the big bad FCC says that that
      wouldn't be an option! I'd sure like to know who is
      getting their pockets lined, and also would like to make
      a loan with one on these Congressmen..... he
      definitely has too much time and a whole lot of money on his

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