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  • N46MIM64N N46MIM64N Apr 24, 1999 9:53 AM Flag

    DISH in Barron's

    Monday's Barron's has an article on Jim
    Callinan's Fund (RSEGX) which invests in many Net Stocks.
    VSIX are mentioned in the article. A synopsis is
    linked to the Barron's Synopsi table at
    The Barron's article links ZQK to the KWK symbol,
    which is incorrect (KWK is an oil company)

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    • When you compare costs between DISH and DirecTV
      one important thing to keep in mind is that DISH owns
      its sats while Direct does not. Direct must buy the
      bandwith and thus pays a high mark up. In the long run
      DISH wins hands down.

    • During recent Senate hearings, Charlie indicated
      that the addition of an additional 1 million subs
      would get DISH to a breakeven point, with profitability
      above that level. That was about 300,000 subs ago.

    • I see your point but, DISH is on pace to sign up
      1,500,000 new customers this year alone. Most people I
      speak with are very happy with the system and its
      services. In reality i would say that less than 5% will
      cancel after a year. And maybe only 10% after two yeras.
      DISH will make mad money off of all these new
      subscribers. Especially when they are only paying 6 3/4%
      interest on there long-term debt which was raised to
      launch the new sattatelites. Also DirecTV has to pay all
      the manufactures of there dishes who eventually
      subscribe to there service. Aside from local retailers
      Echostar manufactures all there own equipment. The cost of
      Primestar to manufacture there dishes was over twice the
      cost of DISH and they leased there equipment to there
      customers which means that if the people decided to cancel
      Primestar was stuck with the huge crap dish.

    • Signing up for one year doesn't mean that
      Echostar will make back the money invested in the
      equipment though. I heard some numbers from Primestar that
      it takes somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 to 24
      months to recoup the initial installation expenses. (I
      can only assume that the costs are pretty standard
      industry-wide) DISH will need some deep pockets to wait for
      profatability 2 years down the road. Don't get me wrong though,
      I do think it's possible for them to succeed, it's
      just that I don't think these recent surges are
      justified. This puts them in the class with the Amazons and
      other overpriced, overhyped stocks.

    • Dish is not just giving the equipment for free. You need to sign up for a year. With Primastar they didn't have the year commitment.

    • One of the major issues that led to the demise of
      Primestar was their enormous churn on customers. If you
      just look at it from a common sense point of view, the
      reason these customer's came and went so quickly was
      because they had little or nothing invested in the
      installation, therefore having nothing to lose by
      disconnecting. What scares me about all of this discussion about
      the virtues of rapid subcriber growth for DISH is how
      they're going about it. If they give away the equipment
      just like Primestar did, won't they be seeing
      increased churn rates as well?

    • I think you're right about the daytraders. Do
      you, or does anyone else, know if the float is right
      on the YaHoo site? As we know, the market cap isn't.
      We've had some big share days recently which would
      indicate substantial trading activity. Like you, I'm not
      too worried about the long term prospects - as long
      as the new sats get up there.

    • Friday April 30

      Company Press

      $26 Million ISP And Private Network Financing
      Commitment Received By GTC Telecom

      Company Expands Infrastructure To Become Tier One

      COSTA MESA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 30,
      1999--GTC Telecom (OTC BB: GTCC - news) Friday announced
      that it has entered into a financing arrangement for
      $26 million in equipment financing for GTC Telecom's
      network. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

      The financing will be specifically provided for GTC
      Telecom's equipment purchases including data communications
      and internetworking equipment for GTC Telecom's

      ``On April 29, 1999, we announced that we
      entered into a $100 million strategic alliance to begin
      construction on our own network. As a result the company
      sought equipment financing to supplement certain
      construction aspects. We are extremely pleased to receive this
      financing package. The equipment that GTC will be utilizing
      is a vital part of the success of our new network.
      The network will have the capacity to carry over one
      billion minutes of long distance voice traffic, and will
      also allow us to become a Tier 1 nationwide ISP,''
      stated Paul Sandhu, president and chief executive
      officer of GTC Telecom.

      ``With our low per minute
      new network cost, the potential for GTC long distance
      revenues are phenomenal. People have been asking us how
      GTC can offer such quality services at such
      responsible pricing. Yesterday the company unveiled the key
      component, and today we are announcing how we are going to
      finance our network. Now when you look back at how GTC
      revealed our product offerings, it is apparent how it all
      fits together,'' stated Eric Clemons, chief operating
      officer of GTC Telecom.

      ``If you follow our
      progress, it is apparent that our business is developing on
      schedule. In January we offered low long distance rates
      that competed with AT&T (NYSE:T - news) and Sprint
      (NYSE:FON - news). We announced in January that we were
      beginning to set up voice over IP technology which will
      compete with companies like IDT Corporation (Nasdaq:IDTC
      - news) and Qwest Communications (Nasdaq:QWST -
      news). In February we introduced our Wireless T1 service
      similar to PSINet (Nasdaq:PSIX - news) and our DSL
      service using ADSL technology similar to Aware Inc.
      (Nasdaq:AWRE - news) offer. By being an Internet and Telecom
      company, GTC combined the two and offers long distance
      calling cards for sale online in a rollout modeled after (Nasdaq:AMZN - news),'' continued Clemons.

      The creation of GTC Telecom's private network will
      make the company one of the first to have a fully
      operational, nationwide, private voice over IP network. This
      will allow GTC customers access to toll quality
      long-distance service that in the past was virtually
      unattainable with Internet Protocol technology. The network is
      expected to be completed in Spring 2000.


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