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  • fundamentals_matter fundamentals_matter Oct 11, 2002 10:19 AM Flag

    Come on $9

    Bought in at an average of $7.75 and always though $9 bucks would be here by mid October.
    I'll take my 16% return within 30 days. Need to start recouping from this bear market.

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    • well to the nobel judges peace means to knuckle under at any cost.

    • Agree...
      See if you can guess who made these comments?

      1) Back in 1991 who wrote a letter to the members of the United Nations Security Council asking the members to stop George Bush (The Elder) from using American force to remove Saddam Hussein from Kuwait?

      2) Who called Yugoslavian Communist Dictator Marshall Tito "a man who believes in human rights"? Bear in mind, now, that Tito built a prison exclusively to house his political prisoners.

      3) Who said that Marshall Tito, once the Secretary General of the Yugoslavian Communist Party, "led his people and protected their freedom almost for the last 40 years.�? That's right, praise for a Communist dictator protecting the freedom of the people.

      4) Discussing Nicolae Ceausescu, the Communist dictator of Romania from 1965 to 1989, who said "Our goals are the same. . . . We believe in enhancing human rights. We believe that we should enhance, as independent nations, the freedom of our own people."?

      5) Who told Haitian dictator Lt. Gen Raoul Cedras that he was "ashamed of what my country has done to your country."

      Carter made all of these statements of course. Peace prize!? I guess it depends upon your definition of the word peace.

    • I think we need to invade south Florida and win it back from the Cuban's and Haitans.

    • If you want to see the moron, look in your mirror.


      I hope this will help, my sweet girl.

    • It true. I heard that Bush made a deal with Putin that he could invade Georgia if he felt it necessary. In return, Bush gets his permission to invade Florida.

    • I would have to assume that Bush knows more than you. I would have to assume that the CIA and FBI are working hard to protect our country. It is a FACT that Saddam cannot be trusted, he is a tyrant and he has fired upon US military jets. When one commits his life to a terrorist act, no one, no agency can plan against that. You can drive as careful as you want, you can drive offensivly in a manner that if I were to swerve into your lane, You could react as to not allow my vehicle to hit yours. But be as careful as you want, sit in your driveway with the emergency brake on, if I come at you at 100 MPH and I am willing to die, I will crash into your car. It is impossible to avert a suicide mission. Resources and spying is a way to avert the actions. As an AMERICAN, I shall stand behind my President and trust that he is acting in our Nation's best interest, especially as America is facing one of it's most dangerous enemies.


      So Jimmy Carter has won the Nobel Peace prize. This choice is surprising in itself; even more shocking is the Nobel committee's obvious bias against George W Bush. Yesterday, the chairman of the committee, Gunnar Berge, said publicly that the decision "must be seen as a criticism of the policy that the current US administration has adopted in relation to Iraq". Such a partisan display is unprecedented: this is supposed to be a peace prize, not a fractious protest.

      Anyway, if Mr Carter ever deserved to win the Peace prize, it was in 1978, for the Camp David accord, when he negotiated a peace between Anwar Sadat, then president of Egypt, and Menachem Begin, prime minister of Israel, who shared the prize that year. Since the end of his one-term presidency, in 1980, Mr Carter has done little but potter about the world, generally making a nuisance of himself by meeting the likes of Fidel Castro.

      The timing of this award is a political statement. Jimmy Carter is notorious for a disastrously meek policy of diplomacy on terrorism. He was president during the Iran hostage debacle in 1979, when militant Iranian students stormed the US embassy in Teheran and took 50 Americans hostage.

      They languished in captivity for more than a year, as Mr Carter dithered, first trying to resolve the crisis without using force, then sending a rescue mission after five months, the botching of which humiliated America. In reaction to his politics of conciliation, America learnt that you can't reason with terrorists, that conciliation leads to even more violence.

      Mr Carter's presidency severely undermined American self-confidence. It was the last time that there seemed a real imbalance of power against America, with the Soviet Union flexing its muscles by invading Afghanistan. America seemed to lack the will to resist any threat.

      This award is a calculated insult to Mr Bush, but it will amount to little. It will merely annoy America and Mr Bush, and perhaps lend validity to those European sentiments inclined to anti-Americanism. The most noticeable consequence of Mr Berge's folly, however, will be to discredit the Nobel Peace prize, already marred by such questionable choices as Yasser Arafat and John Hume, even further. However some will be pleased. The streets of Baghdad will, today, be ringing with toasts to Jimmy Carter.

    • chips; Are you serious; Americans voted against Carter in droves; one of the biggest presidential defeats ever. The good result was that the country totaly embraced Ronald Reagan to put as much distance from ole JC as possible.

      Perhaps it was his bum fu.k rescue attempt of Iranian hostages that did it. Perhaps it was his dip shit bro Billy. Perhaps is was his phoney peace agreement with Egypt. Perhaps it was his pious holier than thou demeanor. Perhaps it was his spinless relationship with Russia and other anti American powers.

      We all saw him recently demean America so he could pander to Castro. You liberals like that blame America shit.

      Well the Nobel puts him in the same category as Arrafat when he also won. I assume that pleases liberals immensly.

      Or maybe you are just part of Jimmy's Baptist Brigade.

      Congratulation on the dead hostage rescuers from Jimmy boy. He should stick to pounding nails and not reminding everyone he was a lousy president. He's really stupid to pander to traitorous liberals.

      Go pop a Billy beer you moron and dream of a gutless incompetent president disrespected world wide who made Americans most happy when he lost his second term. Your attempt to rewrite history does not work for those who lived it.

      Hey, I was one of the dumb shits that voted for him the first time. I did not repeat that mistake. I highly recommend you get your facts straight even if your liberal comrades do not approve of the real truth.

    • That "one jack ass" is CHAIRMAN of the committee. You are welcome to your opinion. However, the committee lists no acheivements after 1994. Jimmy's been nominated every year for over 20 years. Suddenly, it's his turn. Just a little too coincidental, don't ya think? Let's face it, this is all about Bush. Jimmy should send him a letter of thanks.

    • Carter deserved an award that is for sure. But Reagan and Bush Sr. deserve the grand prize. They are the ones that sold Iran and then Iraq arms in the first place. Does "Iran contra affairs mean anything?" And this admn. is a carbon copy to the Bush Sr. admn. in fact we have the some of the same players and same results. Depressed stock market, high unemployment, high debt, and war. The only difference in this admn. and Bush Sr. admn. is that Bush Sr. was elected.

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