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  • Mktplyr517 Mktplyr517 Oct 11, 2002 12:56 PM Flag

    Come on $9

    Jimmy Carter allowed Americans to be held hostage & tortoured for 444 days. The only reason the hostages were released is the Iranians were scarred shitless of what Reagan would do!

    Carter attempeted a military strike but had allowed the Americam military to fall into such disarray that Carters's actions left American Special Forces incenerated on a desert in Iran.

    The only reason Carter held his principal's is he had allowed the American military to deteriorate so under his watch that he had no other options.

    The Soviet Union was strong & prospering while Carter was President...this is when they invaded Afghanastan. Perhaps if Carter had some real balls the Afghan situation would have never existed.

    Thank God that after Carter the American military was rebuilt under 12 yrs of Reagan/Bush.

    This saved millions of lives with the peacefull fall of the Soviet Union. That is the greatest accomplishment of a strong military.

    Had Carter remained in control we may be talking of the fall of the USA

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