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  • dwb360 dwb360 Oct 28, 2004 11:11 AM Flag

    Vote for Bush if

    You should vote for Bush if you continue to believe that:

    1. Iraq had weapons of mass destruction even though none have been found.

    2. That invading Iraq was more important that providing adequate funding for the inspection of cargo on passenger planes and cargo entering our ports.

    3. Providing tax relief to the wealthy is more important than balancing the federal deficit or making Medicare and Social Security fiscally solvent.

    4. It's okay to let the drug companies make big profits because they will invest the proceeds in new product development.

    5. Only the soldiers on the front line and their families should bear the burden of war and that it�s okay to let future generations pay for it.

    6. It's okay to deceive Congress and the American people to obtain your objectives if you believe that God is on your side.

    7. Drilling for more oil is the solution to our energy problem and not energy conservation.

    8. The majority of Americans can do a better job of investing in their future retirements than the government.

    9. Having more guns and automatic weapons on our streets makes us more secure.

    10. It's the government�s responsibility to establish morals for its citizens.

    11. That the environment is not really important because it costs too much to clean it up.

    12. Treaties are to broken if you don�t like them and that the opinions of others in the world do not count.

    13. Going from a budget surplus to a huge deficient is not hurting our economy and will have no adverse long-term affects.

    14. He has never made a mistake and that if he had he would freely admit it.

    Otherwise vote for Kerry.

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