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  • hardwaregurufromtheheartland hardwaregurufromtheheartland Oct 8, 2012 5:00 PM Flag

    gop: the party of dinosaurs on Noah's ark, 9000 yr old earth and economics on a napkin, laffer's idiot curve

    if the gop weren't such zombie numbskulls they never would have taken a $5.6 trillion projected surplus and turned it into a $5 trillion deficit, or charged off on the $ trillions of wmd hunting in iraq, nor increased the medicare "entitlement" ............. W's 1st budget was $1.9 trillion and his last was about $3.5 trillion.......... an increase in federal government spending FAR MORE than any spending increase since...............................all of what the gop did and want to do again is so bad for the county and so amazingly stupid and dishonest that it defies comprehension......... but then the gop are the ones who talk about how Noah put dinosaurs on the ark and how the earth is 9000 years old and they compare women to farm animals and they the worship man with alzheimers, Ronnie Reagan , the shill for big tobacco and man who TRIPLED the usa debt .., and when Mitt lies to them they eat it up............. a lot of the gop are clearly loony.

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    • A great many people believe false stories about scripture and politics. The "days" in the creation story have a different meaning than a 24 hour one. The word translated "day" actually means "an endless age." They also took the word "ertets" which simply means "a land or country" any land or country and turned into Ararat and try to say that the ark came to rest on that mountain. That mountain was never called Ararat untill a little over 100 years ago. It used to be called Mt. Massiv. Again, you need to learn how the corrupt money system in this country operates with "monetized debt". ALL your corrupt pols are tied up with it. It necessitates an ever increasing debt and inflation. It's the biggest Ponzi scheme in existence today. The crooks that run it intend to set it up worldwide. Do a little reading on the subject. Try "The Creature From Jekyll Island."

    • hardwaregurufromtheheartland hardwaregurufromtheheartland Dec 16, 2012 10:00 AM Flag

      it's no wonder the USA rejected them

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