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  • delucks345 delucks345 Oct 12, 2012 3:09 PM Flag

    Mittens said it's not his job to represent half of Americans the 47%

    he will be sending some of them to serve in his promised forever continuation of Bushghanistan.

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    • The point is half the country should not be on welfare.

      Retired seniors on social security are honored members of our society who have worked hard and deserve to enjoy retirement without the burden of taxes, beyond all the sales taxes, property taxes, state, local, excise and death taxes they already pay. We are taxed to death as a nation due to politicians that are robbing us blind. Americans are too laid back or too depressed or too stupid to complain. Where is the OUTRAGE????

      Taxation slows down the velocity of money. We are swimming in a flood of U.S. dollars but because of too much regulation and taxation, no one is spending money. The government is wasting our money. Obama has no idea how to manage a budget or run a gubment. He is talking head with a clown for a sidekick. The USA is gradually sinking into a socialist cesspool where no one works like Greece. Obama is the worst President America has ever had. In 4 short years he has sent America back 35 years to the mid-1970s. In 2 more years, he will take America back to the 1930s. America's decline is accelerating.

      Save America!


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    • No, he was just too honest for this time of kumbaya politics. Everybody should contribute,

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