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  • lewcor lewcor Nov 16, 2012 9:30 AM Flag

    losers in the gop think the little people should not even get paid a livable wage

    Your heroine, Diane Feinstein, Senator from California, doesn't think they should even have a job. That's why she has four corporations in China using slave labor and putting Americans out of work. Two faced lying "liberals" are all the same. They point a finger and forget they have four pointing back at themselves.

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    • hardwaregurufromtheheartland hardwaregurufromtheheartland Nov 16, 2012 9:39 AM Flag

      dear #$%$ the simple fact is, ONLY in the USA do the cooks and waitresses at a dennys not have health insurance........ONLY in the USA does a knee jerk owner of 40 dennys whine about health insurance for his workers....... there are 60 dennys in Canada...... and other countries with universal healthcare and THEY are not whining....... it is no wonder the gop are such losers..... they have no respect for working people........ nice you want your pancakes made and served by people without health insurance.........does that make you feel like a big shot and superior?

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