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  • hardwaregurufromtheheartland hardwaregurufromtheheartland Nov 20, 2012 1:52 PM Flag

    gop deserves to get their nose rubbed in the doodo of their stunning irresponsibility

    (and most people do blame w and the gop for the current fiscal mess)

    fy 2002 budget ....1.9 trillion
    2006 budget ....2.7 trillion.........(submitted in 2005)

    wow...... W and the gop increased spending a whopping 43% in that period (compare to the 2% of Obama 2012 from his first 2010) (w's 2008 $3.1 trillion request for fy 2009 was 63% more)

    and how did W and the gop PAY for their HUGE SPENDING INCREASE?

    they didn't.......... and they cut taxes, mostly for the rich...... How irresponsible is that?

    where was the gop tanrum over the debt ceiling? where was the gop demand for a balanced budget act........ oh, there was one, ( that's why there were clinton surluses) but the gop let it expire in 2002 so they could work their magic.

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    • Mesa, be clear. Which is it? You say Bush was irresponsible for his penchant for spending, but obama is prudent for his.

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      • hardwaregurufromtheheartland hardwaregurufromtheheartland Nov 20, 2012 2:17 PM Flag

        Seaburg be honest...... the point is W and the gop INCREASED spending, as i showed, by a HUGE amount....... but guess what...... obama has NOT increased spending (less than 2%)2010 - 2012...

        get the picture? i guess you just have to keep getting your nose rubbed in the doodo

        BUSH...... W.... the guy YOU voted 2008 requested $3.1 trillion for fy 2009 ....

        that is 63% more than his first budget......... WOW...............BIG SPENDING INCREASE huh?

        oh and btw........ do you really think mccain would have for sure caused another great depression by cutting from W's 3.1 trillion in 2010?......... even YOUR guy Mittens said he would not make any budget cuts any time soon as he said a 5% cut would cause a RECESSION........ so mitten's would be doing the same or WORSE.........

        fact is the GOP created the mess , mccain would not have cut spending either.....

        the voters blame Bush and they are correct

    • w's 2008 $3.1 trillion request for fy 2009

      Whats interesting here is that that $3.1 Trillion includes $800 Billion for TARP

      Bush layed out the first $375B and Obama the rest

      However Torbo Tax Timmy Geithner says that the US Treasury made a profit on the TARP monies

      Timmy says the monies were repaid yet the money was never returned to the treasury

      Obama illegally spent it on other things like teachers (hmmmm could this be one of those instances Romney was referring to?)... you know there is that constitutional requirement that congress approve all spending

      However you slice it $900 Billion of the 2009 budget is dirt on Obama's hands

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