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  • seeburgc seeburgc Nov 30, 2012 7:43 AM Flag

    turn and walk away repubs

    Obama wants your fingerprints all over tax increases. Don't do it. Turn and walk away.

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    • Obama is taking America over the fiscal cliff. Lemmings follow Dear Leader over the cliff blaming Bush all the way. You go girl.

    • hardwaregurufromtheheartland hardwaregurufromtheheartland Nov 30, 2012 8:23 AM Flag

      no matter what, the bush tax cuts for the rich are OVER!!!!!

      you arent' very smart. Obama and the dems might very well let the gop take the nation over the so called cliff, and then Obama will offer a taxcut for the 99% , those making less than an agi of $250 K. will the gop reject a tax cut?

      get it?... the dems will get what they want.... and of couse the pubs will want to restore defense so they will have to play ball with 'entitlements'........ get the picture?

      all along Obama has been offering several dollars of spending cuts for a dollar of tax hike, but the bratty and foolish gop has held the nation hostage for tax cuts for the rich....... well now, no matter what, the bush tax cuts for the rich are OVER...and the dems don't have to do anything. Maybe finally the gop will stop being such total ajoles., but i doubt it judging by the kind of bratty dumb dolt who started this thread.

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      • The Kenyan is a liar. You obviously haven't figured that out yet. He talks of tax cuts for those earning less than 250 grand and at the same time is plotting to steal all their retirement accounts. Just as LBJ did during "Nam. SS will be wiped out by inflation while the banksters pocket the real money.

      • yeah the dems will get what they want. I hope it is w/o repub fingerprints. Because with repub fingeprints the dems will use it against repubs next election cycle in order to destroy the party. Regardless of what happens the dems will blame repubs. As long as they get the blame anyway they may as well stand on principle. But I hold out little hope they will. My guess is that repubs will cave.

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