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  • hardwaregurufromtheheartland hardwaregurufromtheheartland Dec 13, 2012 9:46 PM Flag

    dear phony gop: don't authorize spending and then throw a debt ceiling tantrum

    how dishonest can you be? you sign off on defense spending, for instance, then later you threaten to not pay for it?

    .". Reagan raised the debt limit every five months, Bush every 13 months, and Obama every 15 months. (Clinton was every 24 months.) So, without the possibility of contradiction, the presidents who needed the debt ceiling raised the most often were Reagan and Bush, and the Republicans burbled happily as they did it. Suddenly though, in the middle of a global financial trauma, those same GOPers decided that now raising the debt ceiling mattered. And, somehow, they portrayed this as being representative of out-of-control spending by the Democrats. (I showed why that was bogus up above.) There were a few other things that the Republican talking points hid from America – raising the debt ceiling wasn’t about allowing future spending, it was about paying past bills. In other words, the money had already been spent – demanding cuts in future budgets did nothing to affect the structural debt.."eichenwald)

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    • And, of course, you doin't understand why the debt ceiling has to be raised. It's because the only way that new credit and money can be pumped into the system is to go further into debt to the usurors that run the "Fed" and the country. It's a huge Ponzi swindle where debt is monetized but the money to pay the vigorish IS NOT created. Any grade school kid can tell you what that causes. An ever increasing debt load. ALL the crooked politicians know this and go along with it except the phony opposition some put out. How do you like "your?" government enslaving you to the banksters?

    • and your point is???

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