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  • dropkickpubs4321 dropkickpubs4321 Dec 18, 2012 7:29 AM Flag

    hey assbuckroo, I noticed you dropped your claim saying kids taught how to hunt don't murder


    after pointing out to you Mcveigh as taught to shoot and hunt by grandfather. DROPKICK!!

    This topic is deleted.
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    • No, I just dropped you and your babbling. You're a liberal crackpot but uncommonly narrowminded. McVeigh used a bomb and he, like the Conn shooter, had some resentment against society. Their actions were to punish what they hated. Get it straight, #$%$ kids who are taught to hunt, don't go out and kill dozens with automatic rifles. They respect what a gun can do and most gunowners are lawabiding citizens. I grew up hunting, as well as my family, friends, neighbors, and nothing like Sandy Hook ever happened and probably never will.

      The whole focus now is on mental health. The shooters mother apparently didn't think her son was as disturbed as he was. Putting a gun in his hands was a big mistake. He should have been in some group home being monitored. It sounds like she had some mental issues of her own.

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