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  • annieshenanigan annieshenanigan Jan 2, 2013 12:15 PM Flag

    More liberal logic

    "The validity of the public debt of the US, authorized by law, shall not be questioned"

    So the 14th amendment only applies to Obama and not to Bush? The left's ranting about Bush debt is still going on. You read the constitution, now find out what it actually means. It's not just for one party.

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    • This phrase in the 14th Amendment applies only to the debt after the Civil War. It also says the USA will not be responsible for any debt from an insurrection.

    • most of us rant about the Bush debt because for some reason Republicans think they're fiscally conservative and that Mitt would of balanced the budget by closing loopholes??

      I'm not happy about the absence of spending cuts Obama has come up with - it's not the "balanced" approach I was hoping for, but I'm not so naive to think Mitt had a better plan.

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      • Your point needs alittle more thought. Why bring up Romney when the issue was Obama vs Bush. But to set the record straight, Romney laid out his fiscally conservative approach and the people who vote for a living wanted none of it. They're happy with Obama's debt, as most of them don't have to pay for it.

        Get real, liberals ranted about the debt Bush incurred during Iraq, spending authorized by Congress. It's all about how the money is spent, right? You want the US to be conservative when it comes to war but liberal otherwise.

      • /// I'm not happy about the absence of spending cuts Obama has come up with
        They didn't come to the cuts yet, but they have a new 2 months deadline to do it.
        There is no surprise as to what the outcome will be: do a few minor cuts and postpone most of the problem.

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