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  • delucks354 delucks354 Jan 8, 2013 9:23 AM Flag

    A fa# that Americans can ignore

    Hate is only for liberals like delicks.

    It wakes up in the morning and realizes its messiah is a failure. Then, withot prompting it begins screeching and throwing poop at imaginary pctures of Bush and ROmney.

    Guess what, monkey? They are not here. Reagan is not here. the empty suit has been at it for four years and it is all him.

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    • the empty suit has been at it for four years and it is all him


      Time for another stimulus package.

    • lol, you sure enjoy showing what a low life, lame brain and silly brat you are: too stupid to debate and too dishonest and cowardly to post other than by using id theft of a sorts. ha ha ha

      hey, which president took USA spending to over $3 trillion? answer: George w bush who requested $3.1 trillion dollars in 2008 for fy2009.the biggest defict in US history came from the Bush budget of fy 2009, in todays dollars that was over $1.4 trillion

      another fact for you, deficits INCREASED every single year with Bush and they have DECREASED with obama ......
      and btw
      had mittens won there would be no gop debt ceiling hissy fit right? And the debt now would be just the same. see what phony posturing hypocrites the gop are?

      and isnt it obvious that mittens would increase the deficit? how not?

      mitt was going to cut taxes , increase military spending , and he promised no cuts to social security or medicare to anyone on them or near being on them..... so obviously deficits would have increased

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