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  • seeburgc seeburgc Jan 11, 2013 7:49 PM Flag

    Nanny Bloomberg...

    now wants to restrict the administerng of pain killers to patients in the hospital by doctors. There is no end to what this guy wants to restrict.

    I understand that pain killers can be an addictive problem. Nonetheless, such decisions are between the patient and the doctor. Bloomberg should butt out.

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    • There are already Federal regulations on this, so what's Bloomie's problem?

      Somebody might be 90 years old and dying of cancer and the Feds are worried that he might become addicted to opiates. And the real questions is, "So what he does?"

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    • His motive might be to stop doctors from being enablers such as in the cases of Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith, Whitney Houston, Elvis Presley. Nonetheless, this is why doctors have malpractice insurance. The Gov can't regulate medical advice. A person in constant pain from back or neck injuries gets addicted, so what.

      However, It's not always that a doctor knows the risks of long term use of prescription drugs. I learned that with a doc who kept prescribing statins to my father and they made him act like he was drunk all the time, babbling, couldn't gather his thoughts. The attitude was that's all there is. Not so.

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