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  • goodgod000000001 goodgod000000001 Jan 12, 2013 1:50 PM Flag

    Barack Obama & Eric Holder sell illegal guns to Meican Drug Lords...

    ...who massacre 50,000 thousands of Mexicans.

    And that's OIK, according to the Left. Lets reelect them both! Wooppiee!

    A nut job obtains illegal access to his mother's weapons. Murders her and some school children...AND WE HAVE A CRISIS! We need to get rid of our Constitution and make Barack Obama Divine Emperor for Life!

    At least that's what the Left is saying.

    Meanwhile dickless345 wants to tell lies about the 2009 FY budget!

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    • This post was made on Jan 12, 2013. and we are STILL debating about guns and background checks (from the man who had no background check to become president!)

      Meanwhile: The economy is still poor. Unemployment is still high. The number of people on disability has doubled since Obama became president. record numbers of people are seeking early retirement. (Both putting stress on the Social Security System, =that Barack Obama weakened with the "payroll tax cut.") The employment participation rate is down by 10 or 12 million! There hasn't been a national budget in four years! The fed is devaluing our currency by printing another trillion of fiat currency every year. Obama is doing his best to lose wars in Iraq & Afghanistan.

      Meanwhile: Obama goes out golfing and extravagant public expense. I am sure he is the most golfed president in history. He and Michelle continue to have extravagant vacations at public expense. And they like extravagant live entertainment night at the White House at public expense. They enjoy living like extravagant, arrogant aristocrats at public expense!

      And the same party that encourages 1.5 million abortions every year wants to discard our constitution because 26 people (mostly children) were murdered with a semi-automatic rifle in Connecticut. All of national debate since December has been focused on gun control. And the Liberal media slops it up like pigs at a trough! (Not that I am in favor of murdering children. But the hypocrisy of parading a few grieving parents before Congress while promoting 50 million abortions and doing effectively nothing about 12 million unemployed is just STAGGERING!)

      It is four months since this post of Jan-12-2013 and it is obvious that the issue about gun control is a distraction from the economic failures of the Obama Administration.

    • What they did is illegal under our laws. Why no arrests? Is government above the laws? Or, is this now a dictatorship?

    • Pity they (the guns) don't work like boomerangs!

    • Apparently. Obama has no problem selling guns to Mexican felons, but has great consternation selling to good American citizens.

      Sounds knda racist to me.

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