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  • siriusf8 siriusf8 Jan 19, 2013 11:38 AM Flag

    Serious look at tax rates

    As a point of fact the U.S. is ranked 23rd in terms of the top MARGINAL tax rate among 96 countries surveyed by KPMG in 2011. However, marginal rates are not the entire story.

    Per the KPMG study, the Global average marginal tax rate at $100k of earnings is 28.9% with the US at 35%, which is well over the average.

    At an effective tax rate, level, the U.S. Has the 55th highest effective tax rate at 100k in income of 26%, and has the 53rd highest effective tax rate at 300k in income at.30.5%.

    It makes infinite economic sense that the effective tax rates in the U.S. should be more reasonable versus those of the rest of the world as the U.S. has the largest, most powerful, most mobile, and best spread economy of all economies in the world.

    It gets to the age old question, would you rather 90% of one dollar, or 20% of a thousand dollars?

    The idiots among us (such as the progressive left), gets enamored with the 90% figure, while the rationale fiscal thinker understands the overall superiority of the 20% figure!

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    • Let me add another note on marginal versus effective tax rates:

      The following data points highlight the uselessness of discussing marginal tax rates:

      The effective individual tax rate in 1979 for the top 1% was 21.8% while the top marginal rate was 70%

      The effective individual tax rate in 2005 for the top 1% was 19.4%% while the top marginal rate was 35%

      The  marginal rate from 1979 to 2005 has dropped by 35 percentage points while the EFFECTIVE tax rate has dropped only 2.4 percentage points.  this is the result of lost writeoffs and deductions via the Reagan and Bush tax "cuts".

      Again, discussions on marginal rates are useless for any economic discussion.

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