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  • coughingredink coughingredink Jan 31, 2013 7:02 PM Flag

    Liberal using global warmingblies to destroy industial economies

    man-caused co2 emissions make up about 6% of the total --- the other 94%  is caused by natural sources, including volcanoes and water activities.

    So, the liberal Democrat plan appears to be to destroy the economies of 7 industrial nations or so, transfer their remaining cash to the worst 60 nations, all to hopefully adjust 6% of the total emissions under the THEORY, which is getting more and more suspect by the hour, that this meager pittance will somehow save the earth.

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    • CO2 levels have varied widely going back many eons. They have been much higher than now many times. However, the high temperatures DID NOT coincide with the peaks in CO2. How do they know? One way is taking air bubbles from glaciers and analizing them. Their real goal is to reduce our country to a third world status and merge it into their NWO plantation. They have stated so in many of their publications. Want to know what they believe and are working toward? Read "Foreign Affairs" published every two months by the Council On Foreign Relations. Most of your top pols belong to it of BOTH parties.

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