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  • central_scrutinizer_fz central_scrutinizer_fz Feb 1, 2013 1:11 PM Flag

    More attacks on US Embassies under Obama and Hillary since....

    You guessed it... since Bill Clinton was President!

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    • "Since Bill Clinton was Pres". Well since he didn't go after Bin Laden and Al Queda in the 90's in retaliation for the several attacks on his watch, you could say that he's to blame for all the attacks after his presidency, 9-11 and forward.

      When he left office he gave the Bush administration all the warnings from intelligence in regards to Al Queda, yet he did nothing to seriously hamper their activity. He should have been the one to give the order to hunt down OBL even if he had to invade Afghanistan and take out the Taliban who was harboring and aiding OBL. That's the way I see it.

    • you are a liar................... there were at leat 17 attacks on US embassies & consulates on W's watch........
      and reagan saw the most causualies at bombed US embassies..not even including the 241 marines killed in a beruit bombing...................17 americans were killed in the 1983 US embassy beruit bombing (and 43 other people.....................

      I guess you poop heads have to lie because you are losers, and have nothing honest to say.

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