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  • seeburgc seeburgc Feb 11, 2013 5:47 AM Flag

    Chris Dorner

    A case for armed home defense. The police can't be everywhere.

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    • someone the left admires. Dorner has a following among them. An interesting window into the cracked minds of the left. I watch and observe.

    • Looks to me like locals in Los Angeles need military type guns for home defense from LOPD!

      Reports are that the LAPD has riddled two SUVs with bullets because they looked similar to the description of Dorners SUV.

      Also reports that LAPD is breaking down every door in the neighborhood where it is suspected Dorner might be!

      Further, LAPD now has a drone searching for the guy. And it MAY be a predator drone! Some suspect that this will be a test case, all the way tio Supreme Court, of a police department's right to use predator drones.

      First Dorner, then drug lords, then burglars, then Occupy Wall Street & Tea Party protesters. (Those Tea Party types are guilty of cleaning up their own litter!)

      Meanwhile, We The People, need serious restrictions on the kinds of weapons we can own to defend ourselved!

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