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  • siriusf8 siriusf8 Mar 19, 2013 12:41 PM Flag

    Lefties need to quit revising history & whining on Iraq war and get some facts.

    Some crystal clear facts on the Iraq war:

    1)well over 70% of the American public supported upending the Saddam regime

    2)it was the established policy of the U.S. government, a policy set by Pres. Bill Clinton, to overthrow the regime in Iraq (ie Hussein)

    3)the war waged with congressional authorization

    4)it was sanctioned by more than a dozen United Nations Security Council resolutions calling for Iraq's disarmament

    5)Iraq had violated numerous U.N. sanctions & rules and had been regularlry attacking U.N forces (ie planes & choppers)

    6)Iraq had more than adequate warning of what would happen if he did not comply

    7)The entire western world had gone on record as stating,without hesitation,that Iraq had WMD

    You guys can lie and attempt to revise all you want. You can continue the name calling and the crying like little girls. However, the facts above are true, and the ARE sumptin'.

    The bottom line is that after Duelfer's report, the country zeitgeist shifted away from the Iraq war as we did not sign up for nation building, AT this point,the liberal of the left saw political opportunities for party gains over country well-being, and they began a years-long effort of attacking and revising to suit thier story.

    Delucks, alsmith, etc., continue this lame lefty effort of lies.

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