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  • sportycarman sportycarman Mar 27, 2013 8:35 PM Flag

    Sell In May and Go Away - May be


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    • I have a really bad feeling this year - the (its different this time - may truly be different - We may start a new crash mania in April or May -

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      • The Wall of Worry is one of the biggest I have ever seen in 40 yrs of trading - We have the govt inflation numbers running tame - what a joke that is - My own personal inflation number - the things I actually buy - is off the scales the last few yrs- now small business will be choked hard by new payroll taxes, obamacare, inflation, margins squeezed - you cant help but see REAL un-employment getting worse from here (and i mean the REAL number - not that Sham of a number that the Govt churns out - count the people who left the rolls) - also if you counted the Under-employed - OMG what a disaster we are in - BUT - Not according to Wall Street Egg heads - We all Peachy Keen right now - (Cramer - what a joke he is - A Cheerleader for the Greater Fool Theory - He is proof that Burton Malkiel was Dead on RIGHT) - oh well - BUY the VIX - at least you should make some money on the Volatility of this Sham

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