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  • delucks345 delucks345 Apr 3, 2013 9:58 AM Flag

    some forget that Reagan tripled the nation's debts and increased the size of the government

    Yep, Ronnie also signed the law that became Bushcare... free ER treatment at the ER... and no matter if you are an illegal immigrant or have no money!
    Ronnie was also an outspoken advocate of gun control laws.
    Ronnie's massive debt fueled government spending ended the entire post ww2 trend of a lower national debt each year... and blam! Ronnie TRIPLES the debt he started with..... nobody but Ronnie has done a TRIPLE.

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    • luckily for jobs some of the Reagan boondoogles are still going on. The V-22 Osprey for instance... the Reagan admin said it would cost $3 billion back in the 80s...... all ready over ten times that has been spent and they want to spend another $30 billion to really get the thing off the ground and mass produced.

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