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  • seeburgc seeburgc Apr 22, 2013 7:46 AM Flag

    some early retirements or outright firings at FBI

    The FBI has plenty to answser for regarding the Boston terrorists:
    1) Russian intelligence warned us to watch for the older (dead) one;
    2) FBI interviewed him in 2011
    3) After he returned from 6 months in Russia last year did FBI follow up?
    4) There was enough in his file to deny him citizenship, but not deport him. What was it?
    5) And most important of all: The FBI interview him in 2011. That means they met with him, looked him in the eye. Why is it that no one at the FBI said "I know that guy?" Why did the FBI have to appeal to the public when agents should have already known him?

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    • what are you whining about? the NRA says people should not even be on watchlists, there should be no watch lists, so there you go........either a person commits a crime or doesn't ......."..•A person accused of serious wrongdoing has the right to know what he has been accused of, to offer evidence in his defense, "
      so per the NRA once Russia accused the brothers, the first thing the FBI should have done was told them they were accused and showed them the evidence....

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