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  • passthebuckaroo passthebuckaroo Apr 23, 2013 1:52 PM Flag

    Are Liberals Purposely Stupid?

    Here's buckwheat posting non-stop about gun control without considering how or where the bad guys get them. Most convicts on parole or documented criminals cannot be anywhere near a gun. Does that stop them?
    Nothing has changed. Outlaws have always had guns. This is why back in the old west, everyone had a gun for protection. It was a survival tool.

    Did prohibition stop drinking? It actually expanded. Same thing has happened with guns which are smuggled into this country by the thousands and can be bought on a street corner. Government has been asleep at the wheel for decades and now all of a sudden they declare the problem is guns.

    Dems are so simpleminded to think that gun control is a simple fix and then lalala we're safe. There are some restrictions that make sense like having machine guns mounted on your pickup truck.

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