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  • dropkickpubs4321 dropkickpubs4321 Apr 25, 2013 7:24 PM Flag

    rebpubs,, ya couldn't care less about health care costs rise,, Back when Hillary tried to do something


    you scmmcmcms claimed HUGE increases per years were NOTHING! Ours would be like a two hundred, monthly premium,,6 months later...$450.....,, we;d switch get back to $300.then in half year up to $500 and so it went until now for 25 years. EVERY time we swicthed companies we'd lower our benefits until what we have now wouldn't take care or runners for a week. We;re close to saying f it. Hillary knew 30 years ago we had to do something. Repubs suck.

    Don't even mention lawsuits or I'll dropkick ya.

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    • My coverage didn't raise for 23 years. what are you hallucinating about? From the time I turned 65 and went on medicare in 1998 I had NO INCREASES with Kaiser Permanente. $20 co-pay for both doctors AND medicines for my wife and I. $50 for emergency room and that was waived if admitted to hospital. Hospital $100 per day. Lab work, no cost. But, under Liverr Lips program with other insurers my costs have escaleted tremendously. A drug I used that I got for $20 bucks now costs over $100. A recent eye lens replacement cost me well over $1,500. Your fruitcake is in bed with trhe insureance companies who wrote "ObamaCare" and YOU as with everyone else will pay the freight.

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