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  • delucks345 delucks345 May 14, 2013 9:11 AM Flag

    pub panty wad hissie fits are so funny!

    and silly too.... big deal, the irs look into the bs "social welfare" tax exempt status of teaparty PACS....jeez....
    that designation is the SCANDAL..... sure the whiny political ravings and ads of the teaparty PACS should be tax free..........

    and the whining over Benghazi is also a disgrace and stupid posturing..... the fact is Obama called it terrorism right off and before the shooting was even done a CIA response team was dispatched and on the spot.......I guess the gop thinks every US embassy abroad should have its own division of troops... and this at a time when they demand cutting spending...jeez.....and ntm their bum bush and his month long vacation where when given the "bin laden determined to strike " memo... he just handed it back saying "now you've CYA" and went back to fishing or whatever...... and later he denied ever hearing about the kind of threat that was mentioned in that memo..... where was the gop outrage? where was the Issa witchhunt?

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    • Let's look into Goldman-Sachs PACS. The second largest contributor to Liver Lips in 2008. He then appoints about 50 of their officers to every post in government controlling money. Goldman-Sachs was behind the housing derivatives meltdown. Government legal eagles have said there was fraud involved. How come NO INDICTMENTS? Same reason no indictments for "Fast and Furious" where several hundred innocent Mexicans (children too) were killed by the weapons provided by Holder and company.

    • the big loser gop circle jerk! man what a spectacle.. I guess all the losers can do is trump up a crock of lies and jack off on each other. At least they have no power to trump up their wars and tax cuts for the rich as they did previously.

    • 05/14/13
      Prosecutors push to keep Trayvon Martin's past out of trial...

      Pot smoking, school suspensions, criminal records, violence, 'irrelevant'...

    • and Katherine Sebekius shaking down for money to run Obamacare from companies/industry over whom HHS has power. and Eric Holder listening into phone conversations of AP reporters. The hits just keep on coming. Your pathetic defense of Obama re Benghazi is hilariuos!

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