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  • dropkickpubs4321 dropkickpubs4321 May 25, 2013 3:35 PM Flag

    Wag the donkey, boy............. That along with your go fish means nothing to me


    Just consider all the times you and seebe have gotten excited over NUTHIN in past many years and it's all because of stupid repub propaganda you listen to and watch. Calm down idiot. Ya got nuthin.

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    • I don't get excited at what either phony front group for the banksters does. I've known what they are since the early 60's. I really got excited when they abandoned about 450 POW's held by the Chi-Coms in Korea. I got further excited when they did nothing for more POW's held by the Vietnamese after "Nam". As far as I'm concerned both groups are a gang of tratorous #$%$ that lick the boots of those that run this country. I have no use for the fools that support either side.

    • Stone stupid, I didn't say go fish. Are you experiencing memory loss or Addleson's dIsease? Besides fish is much too confusing for you. SMACK!

    • WE only got excited when the Dems screwed up NAME ONE THING OBAMA OR HIS GOONS DIDN'T SCREW UP. Starting with the stimulus, I can name plenty. The media looked the other way and told you everything was fine in your little world. Now even Chris Matthews is kicking the dog he wagged.

      Oh, and of course you crackpot libs would vote for Hillary who ignored, stalled, lied and brushed off the deaths of 4 Americans because it didn't make any difference. And you want her to run the country? The last person we need in the WH is another ranting blame artist who didn't make things any better as our foreign rep. She was no Kissinger. Like most Dems, she wants to make nice with anti-American countries instead of showing a strong stand for the US.

      You should go with Rubio since your wife loves him, it would make her happy,

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