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  • delucks345 delucks345 Jun 24, 2013 9:46 AM Flag

    maybe Zimmerman should make a run for the chinese or russian embassy?

    could this be a good tactic for people who need to flee the law?
    I wonder if Mittens has thought that his money might be safer in China or Cuba or Russia than in the Cayman Islands?

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    • Zimmer thug was told by he police to not go after Travon who was not bothering anyone.... Zimmergthug was cruising and packing 9mm looking for trouble..... all Zimmerthug had to was mind his own business, and stay in in SUV...........................once he got out of the SUV and chased after trayvon Zimmerthug became the cause of a fight that ended in a death..... at the very least this is manslaughter..... and premeditated... since zimmerthug CHOOSE to get out of the SUV and choose to disobey the police..

      zimmerthug was an angry raging armed maniac BEFORE he even confronted the innocent Trayvon as the prosecutor showed:

      ................#$%$ punks. These a--holes, they always get away," said Prosecutor John Guy, quoting George Zimmerman the night he shot and killed Florida teenager Trayvon Martin.

      "Trayvon Martin, 22 days removed from his 16th year, was face down in wet grass, laboring through his final breath on this earth," Guy said. "And that defendant was walking around upright [deciding how to tell law enforcement] why he profiled … this teenager."

    • Three more years of the Bummer, and we will have more rights taken from us than the Russians in 1917 or the Germans in the 30's under Hitler. Then we can move to Russia or Xhina for relief from the libiots.

    • Why should Zimmerman flee? Eyewitnesses have verified all he said. Come beat my head on the ground and if I have a weapon I'll use it, justifiably. The lying media has tried to frame him right from the start. First the doctored his photo to make him look White with blue eyes. Secondly they showed a picture of Trevon when he was thirteen. All designed to stir up trouble. If you trust anything the lying propaganda machine puts out you are worse than a fool. I'll support whistle blowers that show what the lying gang that runs this country has done to us for a very long time.

    • Obama rails at China for not extraditing Snowden. China says to Obama #$%$. Obama huffs and puffs at Russia for not turning over Snowden to us. Russia says to Obama #$%$. Both said #$%$ to Obama because each no longer respects the world standing of the US because of Obama and his policies. Didn't Obama say during his first campaign he wanted to transform America? This is what his notion of transformation gets us. Lower standing and far less respect. You lefties should not be upset. You know exactly that this is what Obama is all about.

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