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  • coughingredink coughingredink Aug 19, 2013 3:05 PM Flag

    Hydromoron needs to read--- yes, a basically $15000 voucher WOULD be preferred


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    • why not a $1,000,000 voucher, moron. I guess you think the reason the gop wants to go to voucher for medicare is so the government will spend more money..... ha ha ha ha.....jeez...... and fyi silly person, currently the veteran pays NOTHING for service connected medical.......... but YOU think it would be better to dump him with a voucher...... then he and the elderly would be in YOUR insurance pool..raising your rates AND his voucher would still eventually not even pay for his insurance let alone the deductibles.... because as with medicare, the gop set it up so that the vouchers don't keep up with inflation..........and the whole point of vouchers is to dump MORE of the cost onto seniors and less to the government.... and that's what vouchers would mean for vets too..... you NEVER here vets, even teapublican vets demanding an end to the VA so they can go buy their own insurance......jeez......and heck... they all have preexisting conditons and the insurers would dump them anyway....

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      • Mr. hydro, you get what you pay for and vets get their medical service in a lousy format, on a slow and inefficient timeline, and with questionable to dangerous doctors and other medical staff.

        You know, exactly the way Obamacare will provide it for everyone some day.

        Why would you say $1,000,000? The voucher program already out there does, by the way, coe out to about $15K to cover insurance and out of pocket.

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