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  • jondeere323 jondeere323 Sep 7, 2013 10:17 AM Flag

    the "job creators"

    it's not the job of the "job creators" to create jobs.
    In fact, US corporations have been rolling in record profits for 2 1/2 years now and it's easy to see
    they don't need to hire anyone, AND they can pay low wages and benefits too.
    hence, the "job creator" economy is perfectly balanced, lots profits made, but few employees and low wages, and there is no demand for more products since wages are low and UE is high, but the few get richer and the many get poorer.

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    • Communists will never understand capitalism, law of supply and demand, Corp profits, and unnecessary govt interference. They subscribe to the Clinton adage that we know how to best spend your money.

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      • and yet there you demanding my money for the Osprey V-22 and Reagan's 600 ship navy ,and ignoring the fact that corporations would not be making a dime were it not for the courts, roads, schools, police and so on, and primarily that the "job creators" are NOT in the job of creating jobs, which is obvious now , just as it was in 1930 when UE began it's rise to over 25% in the Hoover years and which immediately went down when FDR put them to work building roads and dams and etc... and the even INCREASED spending of WW2 created a boom that lasted 30 years.

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