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  • MGBrit MGBrit Mar 13, 1998 10:40 AM Flag

    CNBC 2

    CNBC commentary highlights...

    Oracle CEO Ellison sounds so confident on CNBC - taking market share from everywhere.

    Chuck Phillips analyst says "trounced" competitors like Babe Ruth !

    Later in year, next release should show significant impact

    CFO now...

    Q is growth sustainable?
    A underpefomred 2nd qrt and now will continue to do very well.
    license business slowed a little, but nothing significant.

    Q. sequential improvements?
    A given problems in asia, we are tyring to keep peope conservative, but we're bullish about prospects for future
    asia wil take fewq qtrs. expresion is cautiously optimistic

    Q. Y2K may take revenue from you as you suggested?
    Actually, giving revenu and we'll see a post Y2K dropoff?
    A. has helped applications side. hard t estimate what impact it has had and for future, but in next year we;ve cautioned poepe thjat is 'could' have negativie effect

    Q. upcoming release from MSFT of SQLserver, knawing away at low end
    A. M<SFT are capable competitor and if we stand still, they get closer, but we are re;leasing new levels too and keeping ahead,m which I believe we can.

    Q. view of s/w in general? corporations spenidng money on S/W?
    A. stil alot of demand form apps industry
    volume package apps
    data warehousing good
    gardner research says spending index for orcl right near top of companies.
    shortgae of labor biggest issue - big customers want ot do more but have shortage of their labor to do them.

    Q. acquisitions?
    A growth from within, minor acquisitions but prefer internal growth for now.

    Q. stock price?
    A thats for the market to decide.

    sorry about typos but this was 'live' typing for everyone - hope this helps


    • Now that's much better. Like I said before, I do not own orcl and like you I am looking at < 20 before getting in, but this time you posted your reasons for believing it will get there rather than just making a flat statement "will close under 26 tomorrow", that's just as bad as the posters that claim "100 by the end of June" and let it go at that. No mocking you here.

    • uggested to him/her meditation.

    • apj1, writing about ORCL:
      "...even though in 1-2 months they maybe worth $18-$22/shr!"

      How do you see such a low value? You can't expect a general market turndown to drive the price down for you. Look at last
      year. The market peaked in Feb (SP500 at 816 on 2/18)with ORCL at about 27. Two months later it bottomed out (SP500 at 738 on
      4/11) at which time ORCL was about 25. ORCL fell about 7-8% in response to an overall market drop of 10%. Even if we were to see a
      20% correction in the next few months I would expect ORCL to fall maybe 15% from current values--maybe 25-26, but certainly not

    • common man !!! Relax, keep it cool, and stop insulting people(even if they do that to you). First of all I am here to
      exchange informations/ideas/opinion about ORCL. I don't want to read people's negative communications. Also, while I agree w. some of
      your points, I believe we can make a lot of money during the next three quarters w. ORCL. Finally, I don't understand why you are
      staying on this board if you don't have ORCL stocks. Take care man, Remember, insulting others just like getting insulted will have
      negative effect on your health.

    • you say: "Go to a movie. "

      Actually I just went to see Titainic. Its a great movie you should see it too (if not already)! Just one part that kind of
      reminded me of this "EGO BOARD" was where the arrogant first class passengers at first ignored the fact that the ship was sinking and
      went on as if everything was OK! The other part that was sort of sad was where the third class passengers were not given the same
      chance to save themselves the same way first and second class passengers were given. Arrogance of others did the most damage to
      them (the third class passengers)!

      As I said this board seems to be only about EGO rather than a logical discussion of Oracle stock! Your arrogance (and others who are in love with their stock) will eventually teach you valuable lessons. But hey who am I to argue with all you mighty wise guys?! For now I just laugh and enjoy reading posts from people such as yourself, or that other guy whats his name? PLSQL or something like that, and ...

      And I tell you nothing is more enjoyable than genuine laughter!

      Happy Investing (or whatever it is you think you are doing!)

    • Lately your posting are a little bit extreme.
      Why you do not relax and enjoy your life. Go to a movie.
      Steven Segal just got a new good movie for you....


    • As I said, go back to check your prediction and look inside yourself. And I would suggest you to read some books on relational database industry, instead of wasting your time to talk nonsense here. By then, maybe your fantasy as a boss may come true, at least your brain may be able to control your behavior then.

    • You ask: "I believe that you R working in the street. But what r u doing there?"

      Like I said in my profile my primery job is to find suckers such as you whose mentality for being in the stock market is to make a quick buck!

      You say: "If you are an analyst, then I really doubt your boss's IQ. "

      What if I am *the boss* myself!

      Happy investing!

    • apj1 has tried very very hard to prove he/she is a wall street guru. Unfortunately, the more he has tried, the more stupid he looks like.

      Just go back to check your previous predictions.

      Yeah, I believe that you R working in the street. But what r u doing there? From you postings, I guess you may work as a janitor, since many of your comments appear to be from trash can of some analysts.

      If you are an analyst, then I really doubt your boss's IQ.

    • My cyber dork friend you say: "PATHETIC! Cash depreciates you idiot."

      Have you ever been boned up the ass by a wise guy before?!

      Just curious...!

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