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  • biggerclicker biggerclicker Dec 22, 2013 7:06 PM Flag

    brofman predicts $0.79 for jan (the big dividend)

    I predict $0.745 (on the fence between 74 and 75 cents)

    Lets see if someone who is closeless about the small in focus details(me), is closer than someone who considers themselves an expert.

    I only know the big picture. I am back in btw

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    • UBS just posted:

      $ 0.8072

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      • "..MORL's dividend of $0.8072 was slightly above my calculation of $0.79. This could be due to the fact that MORL's net asset value has increased since December 19, 2013 when I did the calculation. As I explained in: MORL's Net Asset Value Rises - Implications For The Dividends the monthly dividends are a function of MORL's net asset value. Thus, the increase in MORL's net asset value since December 19, 2013 could account the dividend being slightly higher than I has calculated..."

    • Biggerclicker you lose dividend is .8072. Broom an real close. Thanks Lance I appreciate your work

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      • Well, I won 3 months ago. Plus I was smart enough then to sell, and buy in now.

        I dont know what I think about morl long term right now.

        If this dividend includes 'Special Dividends', The real question for right now is.... Can the fact that rates are more stable now that taper has started mean that dividends may increase enough that Morl's next LARGE dividend will be equal to or larger than this dividend.

        I dont think dividend increases will make up for the specials. I do think they will increase.

        I think right now, as I have a good amount of Morl, I am going to buy AGNC and MTGE rather than more Morl.

        As with the individual companies earnings may increase, but Morl's dividend may not be reflective of that because of the specials in this one. Its a tough call as I am always worried about missing my chance and if morl goes up.

        Oh well. I was wrong, but I still win. $0.80 cents coming up for me!

      • What is your source?
        I searched the web and I can't locate news release.

    • If you look at the recently declared REM dividend this quarter, you see a slight increase over prior quarter which is unusual because its largest holdings mostly lowered their dividends. I know they pay dividends differently than MORL, but the increase non-the-less was surprising.

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