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    need to buy

    The Company’s multimedia chip products account for nearly 50% of the global market. Actions’ production and sales turnover and net profit has ranked first in similar industry. To date, accumulated output value is over RMB 5 billion, export for earning foreign exchange is over USD 0.7 billion, and the tax contribution accessed over RMB 0.2 billion. By the end of December 2012,Actions’total asset value was RMB1.544, with net assets of is RMB 0.981 billion. Currently, Actions has over 600 employees, with developers comprising 75% of the Company’s total workforce. Actions is ranked first in population, project experience and product quality within the IC design industry in China.

    Actions has obtained IC Enterprise, High-tech Enterprise, Software Enterprise, Innovative Enterprise, Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise, IC Industrialization Key Demonstration Unit, and International Demonstration Corporation Base. It also established the Engineering and Technological R&D Center of multimedia integrated circuit design and the Provincial Enterprise Technology Center in Guangdong province. It was granted the Certificate of ISO9001 International Quality System.

    Actions was identified as one of the top 10 fastest growing IC Design companies within the China area by China Semiconductor Industry Association for the sixth consecutive year. The Company’s leading products were awarded the title of “Chinese Semiconductor Innovative Products and Technologies” for the past five consecutive years and Actions Multimedia Decoder Chip was awarded the Guangdong Famous Brand honorary title. Furthermore, the featured product ATJ209X was awarded best market performance in “Chinese Core” by the Information Industry Ministry and also received awards for outstanding technology contribution in Zhuhai and high-tech product in Guangdong province. ATJ208X was awarded first prize for scientific progress in Zhuhai, and second prize for scientific technology in Guangdong province. ATJ213X was granted as the major product in Guangdong province. “Android tablet core processor and its solution” has become an important project of the strategic emerging industry in Zhuhai.

    With our substantial investment in R&D, Actions is able to generate new inventions and other intellectual property. To safeguard a proper return on these investments, Actions protects the fruits of its R&D through intellectual property rights (IPRs) and an IPR portfolio that is used to support Actions' business goals. Actions is also seeking opportunities to license its technologies to third parties, which would allow technologies to be shared with many partners and introduced to the market place more effectively.

    As of December 31, 2012, Actions has 136 authorized patents, 262 patent applications, 22 software copyright registration certificates and 17 IC layout design registration certificates.

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    • moving up again. the chart looks great

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      • as it is shown in CES, low price & high quality,
        February 05,2013 REVIEW of the product****************
        By Dempsey

        heard the news about it from CES 2013, can not believe that it is for sell so quickly. water-resistance shell with 9.4" HD IPS screen, these features is alluring me. The web browse of it is very smooth and the page loading in an extreme short time. especially the standby time of the actions new quad core processor. This might be the most long stand by time quad core tablet.

        Mali400,designed and made by AMR,is the very best graphic processor chip in the same level of GPUs so far ever. It's most optimized and most compatible,so it has higher performance than all others. This means just only one single Mali400 GPU can handle most big 3D games. ACT-ATM7029 further adopts Quad Core Mali400. With 4 Mali400 GPU running at the same time,all Apps ,even the big 3D games,are running ultra-smooth.

        Spot 5: Dual Cameras

        Ainol NOVO 7 Venus has both front facing and rear facing HD cameras. The front camera is 0.3MP, the back camera is 2MP, not impressive comparing with the camera on NOVO 7 Flame. You can use them to shoot photo, record video, and conduct teleconference. You can switch between front and rear camera in apps. Skype is supported. T-ATM7029 runs at up to 1.5GHz. .. ACT-ATM7029 is made in advanced 40nm LP which is about 2X faster and consumes about 1/2 power than other CPUs made by 65nm process technology. The performance of this quad-core should be close to the quad-core CPU used in Apple iPad 3.It features USB 3.0 interface which targets ultra-fast data transition and HDMI 1.4A which targets 1080P output. So you can play video or games on big screen.

    • Not only providing customers the mature Multimedia SoC platforms, Actions also made significant breakthroughs in the following application fields:

      Smart Handheld applications: Actions’ latest OWL Series 1.3 GHz Multi-core SoC for the Android Tablet has gained extensive recognition and favorable feedback in the market. The OWL Series SoC features ultra-low power usage offering 1000 hours standby and 15 hours video playback, with power-on in 1 second and fast start-up in 10 seconds and simultaneous video playback from 6 individual contents, This Soc has become the role model for competitors in the industry.

      Portable Multimedia applications: From the earlier MP3, MP4 and game console SoCs to the recent Portable Boombox and Bluetooth Boombox SoCs, Actions Semiconductor continues to provide customers with new innovations and breakthroughs in Portable Multimedia applications regardless of so-called product life cycles. The Portable Boombox with Actions’ SoC not only brings customers excellent audio quality with lower power consumption and better mobility;it also provides many premium functions like Bluetooth, Karaoke and TTS.

      Home Entertainment applications: For home entertainment, Actions launched Linux Internet Box and Home Game Console, two years ago. In 2013, Actions plans to launch Android Internet TV box with a key customer. Using the latest Multi-core SoC, Actions will continue to work together with customers to launch more attractive home entertainment solutions. Additionally, Actions’ Soundbar SoC,is suitable to bundle with thin LED TV’s, has also gained recognition from leading TV brands.

      Automobile Entertainment applications: Working together with its customers, Actions has successfully launched Audio/Video entertainment systems and HD Vehicle Recorders for automobiles. Based on Android OS with Internet functionality, Actions plans to launch additional Automobile Entertainment solutions to meet the market demand and trend.

      Actions owns many important IPs including MCU, DSP, USB OTG, CODEC, PA, PLL, DC-DC, PMU, ∑-Δ ADC and DAC. Also, Actions licenses many key IPs from brand name international IP companies such as ARM, MIPS and Synopsys.

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