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  • mori_cnc_guy mori_cnc_guy Mar 28, 2009 11:58 AM Flag

    Continued Weakness

    TTEK has continued to trade with relative weakness in the past week. I think some research reports came out on TTEK late in the week that traders responded to very negativly. I don't know the details of what the content of the reports was but for now I am assuming it was mostly technical in nature. If any one on the board has knowledge of these reports I and others would be interested in your comments. We are approaching Q1 reporting season and while I haven't come across any info that would lead me to believe TTEK will have a problem, I still expect a nervous over all market during earnings season that could put more pressure on TTEK shares. I am still long TTEK and likely will acumulate more shares on further weakness. The relative weakness is conerning though because I haven't been able to dig up what the market knows that I don't. Good luck everyone.

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    • TTEK is suffering from what all stocks are and will continue to suffer from- earnings multiple compression. Basically that means that any co. that hasn't been destroyed in this market (TTEK has held up relatively well in this bear market) has it's turn coming. I suspect TTEK will be trading around 10 by the end of the summer when the Dow will be around 6000 so selling now (long term investor or not) is a good idea. At the end of the day everyone needs to realize that all stocks are worth essentially nothing (slowly people are starting to realize that)- they don't do anything for you except say you own part of a company but in reality owning part of a company is meaningless unless the company pays interest on your invesment. This is why corporate bonds are the only company issue worth anything.

    • I don't know anything about current reports but I share your concern. This stock is very weak and technically looks like it going down alot more and the reasoning excapes me.

      Maybe the stimulus money is too far out there for the market to care about and the shorts are planning on having a feast for now.

      The shorts are off to a good start. Were down 20 percent so far from the recent $26.00 high less than two months ago.

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      • I agree, the stimulus probably won't impact earnings in a big way for at least 3 quarters. They aquired a firm in Canada and I have wondered if there might be some hiccups with that aquisition but I haven't come across any information on it. Just guessing you know. As you probably know TTEK does a fair amount of small "tuck in" aquisitions. I am not much of a trader so if the weakness is primarily technical I'm hoping the weakness will prove to be a decent buying opportunity for a two-three year investment. I see good demand for TTEK's services. I see low debt. I see a decent valuation relative to their ability/history of earnings growth. I see a lot of human/intelectual/expertise assets that I think would be tough for competitors to replicate. However, fundamental indicators are usually not especialy good timing indicators. Good luck.

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