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  • diehlr1 diehlr1 Nov 1, 1999 7:48 AM Flag

    *any* comments?

    rc11 - I'm in the same boat. I consider the $10K
    worth I got found money. I sort of look at this as
    buying 803 shares at $.01. Yes, one cent. I never
    expected to see anything. I would say it was a price of
    zero, but that messes up my portfolio calculations.

    Like you I have no experience at all with the
    insurance industry, although I'm just starting to
    understand that MFC is a lot more than insurance.

    guess I can afford to learn more for quite a while. I'm
    in no hurry to sell. I don't need a new livingroom

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    • Like everyone else (two of you), I am no by no
      means an expert in the insurance/financial services
      industry. However, I do know that MFC is an EXTREMELY well
      established firm with excellent earnings. There is a
      tremendous amount of 'old money' affiliated with

      MFC is a GREAT long term investment.


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      • Anyone out there that took cash and ended up with
        some shares? An incredibly raw deal considering the
        reason for it (U.S. investor taxation issues) was not
        covered by the docs. As expected, the large sell order
        today, due to the sum of odd lot orders received by the
        transfer agent, was done below the IPO price of $18. And
        don't forget the fee! Considering the fee increases in
        Dec. anyone out there with ideas on best way to dump
        these shares at a decent price? You can't specify a
        stop order, the transfer agent deals with them as they
        arrive. Arghh! Not amused. (I feel a bit better now)
        Anyone having similar thoughts?

      • one of the brokerage houses i use is Paine Webber & they were extremely high in their praise of this company--I'm in for the long haul.

      • I recently bot MFC at 12.50 and at about 8.1
        times earnings we can,t go to far wrong. Heard about it
        on another board, looked it over and decided to try
        some. If they do half of what they claim , the stock is
        bound to go up. At least it has earnings which is more
        than most stks.

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