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  • startup909 startup909 Mar 3, 2010 7:09 PM Flag

    Hey Gabe Whatley: I make you look like

    a dick and now I am lovebio too? Yeah, ok dick. You slam the guy and he hasn't made one wrong call on anything and I prove it to you and I am the guy all of a sudden? Get real dick. You have no freaking clue who I am. By the way dick, how many id's do you freaking have on yahoo message boards? Unreal, "sport". What a dick and a f-ing disgrace this piece of crap is.

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    • Only lovebio would pump himself as you're doing.

      And btw, NICK, you were dead wrong on JAV getting bought for $3/share.

      you're doing just like you did on the JAV board while posting under two id's. Under Decasare77 you would pump JAV, while bashing it under nick1a2b.

      you really need serious help, sport.

      You've got major bipolar issues. reading your posts is like watching Me, Myself and Irene..

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      • I wouldn't pay much attention to this gorilla. Gabe did the same stuff on the JAV board when I was there. He takes cheap shots at anyone who challenged his authority and he had a good feud with lovebio and now thinks anyone who mentions the name "lovebio" is actually "lovebio". I actually left the JAV board a while back and will start posting here since I am still holding shares and waiting for the merger to take place. Did I say the name "lovebio"? Uh-oh, I am the next to be accused!

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