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  • jacosa jacosa Oct 5, 2010 2:36 PM Flag

    ESMO Conference in Milan

    "Myrexis is not present at the meeting and that may be the cause of the current downturn - no news!"

    Presents an interesting possibility--management may very well be negotiating with FDA to shortcut approval of Azixa. Results of trials against GBM have been impressive enough to give some hope for that; results against melanoma in salvage situations have been good enough not to undercut the attempt. While bargaining with FDA, smart management keeps a low public profile.

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    • That may be overly optimistic, the current FDA does not seem too freewheeling as in the past. More likely, the recent news on the CLDX brain cancer vaccine has taken some of the air out from Azixa.

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      • The CLDX results are a little too recent to have caused that response. Also, small-molecule drugs and therapeutic vaccines are very different kinds of things, and developments in one aren't going to have enormous impact on the manufacturers of the other (until the happy day when something is actually curative).

        The not-very-dirty not-very-secret (management has said it plainly) is that GBM and melanoma are only targets of convenience for Azixa anyway. The REAL bullseye is all metastases to the brain. In general, that's too broad a target for today's immunological therapeutics.

    • If smart management does that, then I wonder what MYRX management will do. Smart management doesn't have their company shares trading half of cash. Smart management cares about the shareholders. Smart management doesn't use the company as a personal piggy bank. Smart management doesn't think a public company is really a non-profit. Smart management doesn't stack the board with lackeys who know nothing about earnings. Since this is not smart management, I think the next move will be a new corporate jet.

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