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  • twelvetooth twelvetooth Mar 30, 2011 3:32 AM Flag

    Is Myrexis up for sale (yes) ?

    Having just cleared away its research wing as well as both the Development and Legal VPs, MYRX is essentially four assets and a cash horde, a neat package for a buyer (at what price)?

    Furthermore, it as recently published Axiza data and will showcase its goodies at next weeks AACR meeting:

    "will present nine posters at the 102nd annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), April 2 -- 6, 2011, in Orlando, Florida.

    The posters will highlight key preclinical findings from two of Myrexis' oncology programs: MPC-3100, its fully synthetic, orally-bioavailable, non-geldanamycin heat shock protein 90 (Hsp90) inhibitor, which is completing Phase 1 clinical studies in solid and hematological refractory cancer patients; and its unique cancer metabolism inhibitor, MPC-9528, which is currently in preclinical studies and has demonstrated dramatic tumor regression in animal models across multiple tumor types using a variety of dosing schedules."

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    • So, here is the situation in the New World Order:

      1) The Business Development guy left and the Legal VP was given the boot - probably the two guys they need the most when looking for a partner

      2) The Research division was terminated, but the VP of Research is still here - to do what?

      The smell of cronyism is unmistakable...

    • The company is [correctly IMnsHO] completely focused on getting Azixa to market. They are only for [friendly] sale at a price which assumes success at that; nobody sane would pay such a price. A hostile offer could be resisted up to $20/shr or so, which is again ridiculous to offer. The deeper pipeline may be for sale on equally ridiculous terms; they need about $150MM more to take a second simultaneous run at a drug approval. Less than that would be money they can't use effectively.

    • You guys are hopeless. Go to the AACR meeting site and their boolean search engine, type in Myrexis and you'll get the author details. I expect the presenters are looking for new jobs:

      Damon Papac, J. Scott Patton, Leslie Reeves, Lynn DeMie, Chad Bradford, Brian Hachey, Brian Clemetson, Christin Christensen, Se-Ho Kim, Rajendra Tangallapally, Daniel Parker, Richard Trovato, In Chul Kim, Daniel Wettstein, Vijay R. Baichwal, Ashok Bajji. Myrexis, Salt Lake City, UT

      J. Jay Boniface, Vijay R. Baichwal, Daniel M. Cimbora, Lynn DeMie, Tracey C. Fleischer, Andrew D. Gassman, Siavash Ghaffari, Jeremy P. Green, Jeff S. Flick, Ryan T. Terry-Lorenzo, Damon I. Papac, Ashley Peterson, Rosann Robinson, Robert O. Carlson. Myrexis, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT

      Damon I. Papac1, J. Scott Patton1, Leslie Reeves1, Katrina Bulka2, Lynn DeMie1, Orvelin Roman, Jr.1, Chad Bradford1, Se-Ho Kim1, Rajendra Tangallapally1, Richard Trovato1, Benjamin Markovitz3, Ashok Bajji1, Daniel Wettstein1, Vijay Baichwal1, Gary Mather1. 1Myrexis, Salt Lake City, UT; 2Myriad Genetics, Salt Lake City, UT; 3Nease Corporation, Cincinnati, OH


    • Considering they just axed their best scientists, I wonder who will present their posters at the AACR meeting? I hear the building manager and the parking lot attendant wear different hats.

      Yes, MYRX is up for sale. Any buyer? Nooooo....

    • what goodies?????????
      preclinical data?

      keep pumpning... no wonder you weren't the list.

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