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  • sonquiqua sonquiqua Apr 21, 2011 11:05 AM Flag

    2.5+ Years of Cash to cover OPEX

    you are "real" and other stockholders aren't?

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    • They (twelvetooth and jacosa) are not shareholders, at least through purchasing on the open market. They have been asked many times whether they have bought any stock and at what price, and have refused to ever answer. They may have options through their wives or something like that.

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      • Liar. I've never [even now] been asked such a thing, or at least not in a civil manner.

        If anyone cares, I have a small position in MYRX which I got as a result of the spinoff. I was originally interested in MYGN because it was priced as if the drug discovery business had zero or negative value, and I like drug discovery businesses (I'm an organic chemist with a lot of life sciences contact, so I'm reasonably good at weeding out no-chance programs...well, except that some biologics that I never would have believed are reaching the market. But I still have a good nose for small molecule projects). Part of the discipline is having a bunch of small positions and waiting for actual developments before expanding them; my small position is typical for investing in a company that has not completed a registration trial.

        There is a population on this board of people who have no interest in or feel for drug discovery companies. I have no clue why such people would invest in one, or why they stay around.

        It was observed a while ago that Roche is doing a nice business with Avastin against GBM. The combination of Carboplatin and Azixa did just as well against GBM as Avastin does. That won't go forward, because Carboplatin alone was a flop. Azixa is a very promising drug, and I'm sticking around to see what it can do. I've shown my work previously on this board: MYRX is now priced as if Azixa will become either/or with Avastin. It will probably become part of the arsenal of drugs for treating first recurrences of many cancers, which would justify a MYRX price on the order of $30. There is a biochemical argument why Azixa could be very broadly useful in cancer treatment--if true, that would support an implausibly high stock price. I'm here for an even chance of a $30 stock price [and a small chance of more], and I'm not interested at all in liquidation at $8.

        I strongly recommend to the self-named Brilliant... and his ilk that they get out of MYRX and invest in a basket of below-NAV closed end funds. It gives an admirable return with very low risk...and no excitement at all.

    • I think brilliantpo... is "real"; others are just Hobden's clones.

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