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  • victoryhammer09 victoryhammer09 Jun 21, 2011 4:55 PM Flag

    how many times off this level

    how many times off this level has this been a good entry for a swing trade...3,4,5?

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    • The personna you adopt when you're not outright lying makes no sense either. The ONLY good reason to invest in small productless drug developers is the hope for a big payoff down the road. And the odds are a lot better than on an actual lottery ticket.

      Myrexis is an unusual case because it was given enough money from the start to take one drug to market. Given the punitive terms under which many drug developers raise the money for the final push to market, it is perfectly reasonable for management to spend that money the way it was originally intended: to push one drug to market.

      I question the decision to go for a primary treatment label rather than an alternate salvage treatment one, but I assume that a lot of calculations supported it. But simply based on 3 long-term survivors among what is it, about 60 test subjects with absolutely no prospects going in, Azixa is a marketable drug. Not in the cards for Myrexis to abandon its intended mission when the drug is clearly good.

      I think the imputed value at spinoff was about $4 a share. If you want to collect $6 and end the game, you're in the wrong game. And I've said before, I play that one too, and discounted closed end funds are an excellent vehicle.

    • what the hell is your obsession, brilliant post. I don't understand why you are so bitter with someone who tells you he is an investor in the company... it does not matter how shares were purchase, obtained...

    • I don't think so. My point is you are not a retail investor. You are a "special needs" non-investor hoping for your lottery ticket. Your wish for a home run might not jive with those of us, MOST OF US, who bought this stock with the expectation of it being run not like a lottery, but like a publicly traded for profit company. Why don't you just go buy lottery tickets then?

    • From 3.59? Exactly once. And only if you were a savant who knew exactly when to sell before it plunged again. Most of us are holding this expecting management to do something tangible, gain respect, anything!

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      • if you traded off this level into the the low 's 4's on part of your position, you picked up some healthy profit (this says nothing about the failure of management to execute, rather just a trading level).

        the dates were 07/09/10, 11/04/10 and 05/11/11. if you bought on these dates, or in some cases a few days around got a very good trade into the 4's.

        i believe this will be another good trade into the low 4's. and if it doesn't trade there, how much more down from here? not much imo.

        the company still needs to execute. i now think it's likely that if the company does not sign a partnership deal or announce significant efficacy data within the next few months, we could see adrian fired.

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