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  • jacosa jacosa Nov 3, 2011 3:12 PM Flag

    MYRX web site

    Look at some history. This board used to be infested with screaming bashers. I've posted [mostly] civil items on the theme that Myreis is a productless drug development company, and that is a VERY volatile niche.

    I'm not the jerk here. When talking with the habitual liar, I'm very careful to stay waaayy on the truthful side.

    The people I consider jerks are the ones who have said from the beginning [in effect] "This company was set up with a big cash pile and some drug candidates. Let's sell off the drug candidates for whatever they'll bring today and distribute the cash to shareholders"). I'm not looking at who, if anyone remaining, was in that camp. I WANT to be an investor in a productless drug developer, and anyone who doesn't belongs elsewhere (and yes, I have a bigger chunk of money in discounted closed-end funds than I have in Myrexis)

    The Azixa program had the misfortune to fall into a situation where the only apparent ways forward were to go directly against the Roche marketing/lobbying machine behind Avastin, or to put more money than was available into development as a first-line treatment. Of course you stop development at that point. Mr. Lollini didn't say that it's dead, and in fact explicitly said that they were looking for something to do with it. The liar said that Mr Lollini said that it is dead. QED there.

    For the rest, I have my doubts how far you can go with the anti-interferon program not having drug discovery people on staff. That's sad, because RA is about the highest value target there is. The other 2 are specific compounds, and there's money to do phase 2s on both of them. There's been more fuss than progress in anti-cancer drugs (biologicals, in general, are giving small responses for high prices with unpleasant-to-use drugs). If either of these novel small molecules looks good after phase 2, the business results ought to be worthwhile. I HATE the delay caused by prodrug substitution, but major improvement in patient convenience is easily worth it.

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    • jacosa,
      Most people posting here have significant interest in MYRX (including myself) and are not happy with the current performance of the company. Azixa has a remote chance of being sold/partnered with another interested entity. But with the way they removed any mention of it tells me that someone from the BOD really hated it or the fight over it, which lead to the resignation of Hobden was really nasty. That is all I said.

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