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  • rnai_inv rnai_inv Aug 21, 2012 6:48 AM Flag

    6.2M Raised in Share Offering

    This is exactly the problem I warned against some time back. Their cash burn is way too high. They are just hoping for the money to flow back into the rnai space OR for some deal to happen or some clinical success that they can use to dump more shares into the market. Risky bet. If nothing happens this company is either toast just like MRNA or they need to downsize again.

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    • A couple of additional points:

      1) shares were trading greater the $3.40 and the best offering they could get was 2.76. That ought to tell you something.
      2) This mgmt has a long history of not knowing what they're doing. Why would anybody think that's changed?

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      • 2.76 was NOT the best price they could get. They made a stupid deal that priced the stock at a discount to one day's closing price and then got their #$%$ handed to them by some shorts who knew what was up.

      • Arrow has grown to a holding company and has many branches. Such a company normally trade at 300 mill plus in mcap. Yes I agree that market hasnt been appreciative of potential and just been looking for earnings and ph 3 drugs close to approval.
        Arrow is an early stage bio company with drugs that can potentially revolutionize medicine in many ways. Proof on concept is our siRNA platform that hinges on Apotide, if as great as prospected a new era in medicineis just around the corner. Novel, ahead of the game upstream gene control and peptide specific delivery speaks for a medical miracle that will leave the rest of pharmas thoroughly in the dust and also blindfolded.
        Thats why I bought into a company that is priced as junk, has a long way towards any approval and is disliked/unknown by most analysts.
        Somewhere down the road others WILL think like me, if science pans out as I hope it will. And we dont have to wait for very long, if the ca.prostate patients suddenly slims significantly (all of them), a leak is unavoidable and this message board will be converted to a "party zone" for longer than most think is feasible.

      • Oftentime, long trusted investors get hold of a private placement at a sub face value price. This is done to goose their interest and loyal behaviour, and also to supress the price to a final bottom so that other investors can also scoop up the bargains. Yes its deterimental to the PPS short term, but in the end its the fundamentals that dictate the market cap. And thats where I find the discrepancy that should be rather obvious to any experienced bio investor. Edison reports are not known to hype and overestimate true value indicators, and gave 2 drugs ONLY a 60 mill conservative market cap. Rest of drugs and aqiuistions plus the huge research plant valued at 500 mill is pure upside.

      • 2.76 was not the best price they could get. They made a poor deal that set the price at a 15% discount on the closing price of that previous Friday. Then shorts got wind of it and drove the price down. Easy pickings. And ARWR got played.

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