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  • davidpeck706 davidpeck706 Oct 12, 2013 3:58 PM Flag


    Given ARWR passes all the trials for the hepatitis treatment, does anybody have a knowledgeable guesstimate as to what the financial impact would be upon fruition. Is this something they would market, or partner with a bigger company?

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    • If I remember me right, the CEO told us at a CC that they will partner ARC520. After the great phase I safety results it's very good for us shareholders - not the penny flippers - that they are going alone for the phase IIa and IIb. They are really very confident about the outcome! To parter ARC520 after phase IIb will be a huge, real huge deal. The deals in the area of HCV will be little, compared to the deal for ARC520!! Just wait for the new chimp data coming out in about 16 days. And we not only have to wait on data from ARC520. With about 90 millions cash, they are able to go further with other candidates, which are Not disclosed until today. I am sure, we will hear very soon about new pre clinical data. Now with the confidence in the platform and the money, they will be able to fire in different areas and with full Speed.
      And don't forget Cerulean. I think they are going forward fast too. Also from this front news are in the pipeline.
      Every scared penny flipper can do what they want. I for myself, do not sell one share. I will be adding more. This is a once in a lifetime chance. I am just sitting hear and enjoing!
      Back and forth on the stock market makes the bags empty.

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    • Before you get suckered into thinking "product approval" is key to big profits... consider the relative product demographic between ARWR and ALNY... and their relative product development status.

      wyattkap... is full of... it.

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    • IF they get this product approved. I'm betting someone BIG will buy them out -OR- they will cut a big deal to get it in the market with existing teams. Either way, this thing can make a ton of money. BUT, I'm out and looking to reload with all the stock being sold in the near term and the year that it will take to understand the next step. PEOPLE TODAY have no patience, so no sense fighting it, go with the flow.

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      • I'm not saying this won't come back some, but IMO there is very little chance it will be due to selling by the buyers of either private offering. Those investors aren't flippers. Plus, there is a high probability that the $60mn private investors are the same ones who participated in the $36mn April offering. Those guys aren't going to sell because its gone from $6 to $8. If this was at $12-15+, then yes maybe they'll take some off the table.

        More likely, a pull back will be due to TRADERS thinking and acting similar to you..

        Also, if there is some multiple compression in the small/mid-cap biotech sector as a whole (which has been on fire), thus weighing on ALNY, I think ARWR could come back. But I think the floor is $6 barring negative trial data. All IMO..

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